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Breaking Bad Review

Ten years ago Breaking Bad premiered and changed the landscape of Television forever. It was a groundbreaking show that told one story through multiple seasons, about the journey of a “good every day guy” who gets cancer and provides for his family by cooking meth with one of his old …

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Stranger Things 2 Review

The second season of Stranger Things is out on Netflix and I’m a huge fan of the first season and in my opinion it’s the best show Netflix ever produced. The cast is perfect, the story is intriguing and dark, and the characters, especially the young cast, are extremely likeable. …

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Stranger Things Spoilers Review

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sranger Things season 1. Stranger Things is the best new show of the season. Everything in this show is brilliant. The writing, the performances, the set-up, the characters, the dialogue, the mystery, everything is pure gold with a mixture’s of 80’s nostalgia. It feels …

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