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Ocean’s 8 Review

I’m a big fan of Ocean’s 11. It had great performances from a huge A-List cast and it was a fun heist film. Ocean’s 12 was dull and Ocean’s 13 was better than twelve but was nothing spectacular. Enter Ocean’s 8, a soft reboot with an all-female cast. This is …

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Hereditary Review

Hereditary is the first directorial debut of writer, director Ari Aster and tells the story of a small family, whom, after a tragic loss are haunted by an unknown supernatural force. I won’t delve too much into the plot because that would be going into spoiler territory, but Hereditary is …

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Tomb Raider Review

Vikander takes on the iconic role replacing Angelina Jolie in the reboot incarnation of the hit video game. I’m a big fan of the first two Tomb Raider movies. They’re guilty pleasures but they’re fun as hell. I was excited to see this new reboot and Alicia is one of …

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Black Panther Review

Without a doubt one of the most important movies of the century, Black Panther was a gamble for Marvel. It has a huge African-American cast which is not something a big blockbuster movie often has and Studios don’t often represent people of color the way they should be represented in …

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