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Capone Review

Josh Trank returns to directing after the disastrous Fan4astic and this time around he has chosen to adapt the last year of the life of notorious gangster Al Capone. The film stars Tom Hardy, Linda Cardilini and Matt Dillion and is written and directed by Trank. I was curious to …

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The Invisible Man Review (2020)

The Invisible Man 2019 version is written and directed by Leigh Whannell (SAW) and stars Elizabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohan and Harriet Dyer. It tells the story of Cecilia “Cass” who after being trapped in a terrible relationship escapes from her rich boyfriend. Several days later, Cass learns that her boyfriend …

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The Gentlemen Review

Guy Ritchie returns to his roots and directs this gangster thriller about a crime lord and marijuana businessman who wishes to retire, but not everything goes according to plan. Guy Ritchie has never made a bad film and The Gentlemen is no exception. His style is more present then ever …

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