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Top 10 Best movies of 2019

2019 has been a terrific year for film and there are a few honorable mentions I want to get out first before my list. First off, Midsommar, the second film by Ari Aster is a masterfully directed horror film that disturbed to my core. Florence Pugh is terrific in the …

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Ford V Ferrari Review

James Mangold returns in the director’s chair following his massive hit Logan, which was a fantastic film, which was nominated for best-adapted screenplay at the academy awards and one of my favourite films of that year. And while I’m not a fan at all of Nascar races, I was intrigued …

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Hustlers Review

I’m never a big fan when Studios decide to put singers in movies. Sometimes, it can work, but more often than not it’s a gimmick that the studio uses to get more people into the theater. Obviously it worked well with Lady Gaga last year with A Star is Born, …

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Toy Story 4 Review

Pixar returns with the fourth part in the Toy Story franchise. This time around, the toys belong to Bonnie after Andy gave them away at the end of Toy Story 3. Bonne begins her first day of integration at kindergarten, and Bonne makes a new toy called Forky. Forky believes …

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