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Capone Review

Josh Trank returns to directing after the disastrous Fan4astic and this time around he has chosen to adapt the last year of the life of notorious gangster Al Capone.

The film stars Tom Hardy, Linda Cardilini and Matt Dillion and is written and directed by Trank. I was curious to see what Trank would do after the terrible Fan4astic and if he would be capable of redeeming himself since he has done Chronicle of which I’m a fan off. But unfortunately it turns out that he is a one hit wonder. Capone was a letdown of a movie.

First: the pros. Tom Hardy’s performance, is… well, a performance. He overacts in quite a few scenes but he depicts dementia really well and he looks often times like he is rotting like a corpse. He shits his bed, he has illusions and he yells a lot. He’s also hidden money away from the feds and it’s a subplot in the film and oddly enough the movie doesn’t really focus on that. Linda Cardellini is also fantastic in this movie she is the emotional core of this movie and

It focuses mainly on Capone’s deteriorating state— which I don’t really understand why Trank made that choice as a director. There’s nothing really interesting in watching an old man suffer from dementia even though he is the notorious Al Capone, one of the youngest and ruthless gangsters to ever live. The movie would have probably have served better as a historical biopic on his entire life and his relationship with Linda Cardellini who is caring for Capone in his final days and cleans his bed sheets full of shit. Linda Cardellini is fantastic here like she always is and you care because of her performance. She’s caring for her husband and he’s just getting from bad to worse.

The movie also has annoying visions of which you don’t quite know what is real and what is fake. It is mostly to show us that Capone is having regret (which I find very hard to believe). It’s also very slow and doesn’t have much going on. I was invested for the first fifteen minutes and then the movie meanders into nothingness. Nothing of interest happens and you are left with a movie with good performances but not much else. Which leads me to Josh Trank.

I’m not sure what Trank thought in directing this film. Dementia is something pretty awful and sometimes it’s passed almost as humorous throughout the film. Especially with Tom Hardy’s over the top performance and dementia isn’t something to laugh about. If that was what Trank was going for or what he finds entertaining than he totally missed the mark. There’s not much tension and when there is it is overly violent for nearly no much reason at all except just to have violent scenes in the film.

Overall, Capone has very little reason to exist and fails to entertain or even inform despite Tom Hardy’s challenging performance and Linda Cardellini’s incredible work.

Rating: C-



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