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The Gentlemen Review

Guy Ritchie returns to his roots and directs this gangster thriller about a crime lord and marijuana businessman who wishes to retire, but not everything goes according to plan.

Guy Ritchie has never made a bad film and The Gentlemen is no exception. His style is more present then ever and even though it’s been a while that he’s made a film like this he hasn’t lost his touch. It’s incredibly well directed, extremely witty, very funny and it’s filled with fun and energetic characters.

Charlie Hunnam gives the best performance aside from Sons of Anarchy that I’ve seen from him. He’s very likable and his sense of humor is very charming and his chemistry with Mathew McCaughey is amazing. Mathew is so great here and the two are the best part of this movie.

Michelle Dockery is also excellent in the film as Mathew’s wife. She is very funny and provided a lot of the laughs. There’s a good balance of tone here and Guy Ritchie does that in spades. Also, Hugh Grant is amazing in this film.

There are plenty of funny moments throughout this film and the dialogue is so witty that it makes it very fun to watch. There’s also some very nice action that is directed extremely well.

As for cons, this film does feel a bit of familiar terrain. It’s not groundbreaking or anything awfully new and while I enjoyed it, it’s not one of my favourite Guy Ritchie films. The movie also gets a bit mumbled in its narrative and it’s typical for a Guy Ritchie movie, but I feel like there was maybe too much going on for the film’s own good. It’s also sometimes hard to follow, there’s a lot of information thrown at you and you’re trying to figure out as the movie plays. It’s not a jumbled mess, but the story could have been more linear for sure.

Aladdin was perhaps a much more linear and simpler story despite that movie received criticism of being a soulless remake (even though I had a great time with it). Guy Ritchie has been rather unlucky these past few years as an artist. He received a lot of criticisms for his King Arthur movie as well also starring Charlie Hunnam, which I was a big fan of. It was an unfamiliar style for Ritchie and he delivered the epic really well and to this day I do not understand the bad reviews for the life of me. The Gentlemen is definitely a win for the director, who has had a couple of misses before Aladdin came out.

Overall, The Gentlemen is a fun and violent film that definitely brings Guy Ritchie to his roots and offers fantastic performances from the entire cast in the process.

Rating: A-


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