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It Chapter 2 Review

Director Andy Muschitti returns for IT Chapter 2, which is the final film in the IT Saga. It takes place 27 years after It Chapter 1 as the Losers Club must fulfill their pact and destroy IT once and for all.

I was a big fan of the first IT movie and I was really looking for to IT Chapter 2 and while it’s not as good it’s predecessor, IT Chapter 2 is a solid conclusion to the IT Saga, be it a bit too long for it’s own good.

This time around, we find the losers club have all left Derry except Mike who have remained there all of his life and all who have left have forgotten about Pennywise and the evil that lies in their hometown. But after a hate crime takes place in which the clown returns, Mike calls everyone from the past back so that they can finish the job they started 27 years ago: kill pennywise and destroy the evil in Derry for good.

Andy Muschetti returns once again for IT Chapter 2 and the direction here is good although some scenes linger and others don’t take time enough to breathe. For example, there’s a scene at the beginning of the film where we meet Beverly’s husband, Tom and I would have liked that relationship delved into a bit more instead of one quick scene and as well as for the rest of the losers. We get a bit of expository dialogue of where they are at 27 years later (all of them all have successful jobs, which I found hard to believe).

The cast is the strongest aspect of this movie. The entire cast, including Bill Hader, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jay Ryan, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise are all fantastic in their roles. The child actors are once again present in flashbacks and it sometimes does feel like it’s extended scenes from the previous Chapter and perhaps making an IT supercut could help transition between the past and present even better.

James Ranson, and Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. Once again, the cast portrays the characters that Stephen King wrote marvelously. They also do a fantastic job embodying the child actors in the previous film and the standouts include James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader. All three of these actors perform their characters wonderfully and the best performance given in the entire film is by Hader as Richie, who steals every scene he’s in. The chemistry between the actors is there, it’s still present like it was in IT Chapter one, although I latched onto the kids more but I knew that going in since I always preferred the losers when they were younger, in the book (which I am currently reading) and the miniseries.

Bill Skarsgard is still pretty creepy as Pennywise, even though we don’t get enough of him and most of the scenes we see him are in the trailers. The things we do get are well done and sometimes there is too much CGI for the movie’s own good. The scene where we see in the trailer with Beverly and the old grandma where she acts weird and unsettling and ends up being a bit too cartoony even though the creature design is well done.

It also takes a bit too long to get going or to the point. It takes too long for the losers to remember what happened to them 27 years ago and too much time is given too them retreating an object from their own past as they split up for a good majority of the film until the inevitable climax against Pennywise. The ending of the film, without giving anything away, does tie everything up in a satisfying conclusion. I was extremely satisfied with where these characters end up and that made the movie end up being worth it for me in the end.

Overall, IT Chapter 2 has a terrific cast good thrills and is a worthy and satisfying conclusion to the IT Saga, even if it sometimes can be too long in its length and repetitive in its execution.

Rating: B


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