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Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Tom Holland comes back once again as Peter Parker, who has easily become my favorite live-action Spider-Man. He’s extremely likable,  charismatic and he looks like a nerd that belongs in highschool unlike Andrew Garfield, who is a terrific actor, but was miscast in the role of Peter Parker in my opinion. Tom Holland really brings out the best of both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire of what the character should be.

Far From Home takes place in a post Endgame and the loss of Tony Stark is felt throughout the world. Peter feels survivor’s guilt, and doesn’t feel like being Spider-Man anymore. He just wants to be a normal teenager and go on a vacation in Europe and impress MJ. So things don’t go exactly to plan when Nick Fury and the mysterious Quentin Beck show up during his trip, right when he is forced to face elemental threats from another dimension and his plans to for a casual school trip gets completely destroyed.

Right off the bat, this is a really fun movie. It’s got a few issues, mainly a few narrative decisions that don’t totally work and a slow-paced first act where not much is entirely happening, other than a teen comedy film. I had the same problem with Homecoming, where it focused too much on the high school aspect. I get what Marvel and Sony is going for. They’re going for a John Hughes type of comedy and often times it works. Sometimes the comedy falls flat and doesn’t work, which happens in every Marvel film, but most of the time that didn’t bother me.

The entire cast is really strong here. Like I already mentioned, Tom Holland is now my favorite Spiderman. Zendaya is great as MJ and her relationship with Peter is nicely developed throughout the film. He goes through a lot in this film emotionally and physically, and he is still dealing with the death of Tony Stark and trying to figure out his place as perhaps the leader of the Avengers. Peter’s friendship with Ned is also more explored and their chemistry with one another is really fun and you can buy that these two are friends in high school. They have this sort of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill vibe from 21 Jump Street and I totally bought into it. Jon Favreau comes back as Happy, who is dealing with Iron Man’s death and has started a relationship with Aunt May. Sam Jackson is also back as Fury, who enlists Peter’s help in destroying the elementals before they destroy Europe.

And while Jake Gylenhaal is amazing as Mysterio, I wasn’t thrilled with everything that John Watts decided to do with the character and how they concluded his story. I won’t give anything away, but there’s an exposition scene where everything is sort of revealed to the audience and that just did not work. It felt really forced almost as if it didn’t naturally flow in the story and it creates a ton of loopholes. It wasn’t as bad as the Mandarin reveal, don’t get me wrong, but I wish Mysterio’s motivation would have worked better than it did. I kinda wish that they had gone a different route with the character, providing other answers than the ones we got, but Jake Gylenhaal still owned it. You could tell he had a blast portraying him and he is the best part of this film hands down. The illusion scenes we’re incredibly top-notched with jaw-dropping special effects and they were my favorite part of the entire film.

The film’s got great action and great fight scenes as well. Everyone time Mysterio and Spiderman must fight the elementals, it’s incredible all the visual effects that are on display. It all looks extremely realistic which makes it all the more thrilling. This is also the first Spidey film that doesn’t take place in New York and it’s a welcome change in the franchise after this number of films.

It’s the best action we’ve gotten in any Spider-Man film and that’s saying a lot. The second part of the film is absolutely thrilling, which leads us to mid-post credit’s scene. It is everything that you’ve been hearing it is and more. It’s surprising, exciting and funny all at once and  I was extremely pleased with it. The end credit scene was good as well and does raise a few questions that will open up a lot of questions.

The mid-credit scene makes you want to see what happens next immediately and the next Spiderman movie won’t come out for another few years. We’ll see how Marvel wraps up the loose threads created by the post-credit scenes, but boy are they satisfying.

Overall, Spiderman Far From Home is a ton fun and has great action, good performances from its cast, a nice change of pace it’s setting and a very memorable villain in Mysterio.

Rating: B


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