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Men in Black International Review

Sony has been trying to develop a new Men in Black movie for years. Remember the rumors of that MIB and 22 Jump Street crossover? Thank god that didn’t happen. The fourth installment is a soft reboot and stars Chris Hensworth and Tessa Thompson and this movie goes all over the globe. Hensworth is a MIB agent who prefers to work alone, but when Tessa Thompson’s character discovers the agency she has been searching for her entire life, the two must team up in order to save the universe.

Let’s get it out of the way: Men in Black International is mediocre at best. It’s perfectly fine if you just want to be entertained and have it in the background, but if you want a movie with good characters, great action and a deep story you’re looking in the wrong place.

Hensworth and Thompson make this movie. They are the reason why this film is at least watchable. They were great together in Ragnarok and in Endgame as Thor and Valkerie, so it’s normal that their chemistry here is great. They give this movie they’re all, but the script is so lazy and follows story beats that were so predictable it was almost pitiful. I want to see this movie with a friend of mine and we’ve predicted the film’s twist as soon as it was presented to us and the ending doesn’t even make any sense.

Liam Neeson is fine here, but it does feel like he is here simply for the paycheck and that he doesn’t care about this franchise at all. I’ve seen Liam Neeson be better, we’ve all seen Liam Neeson do better than this.

There’s also this annoying side character named Pawny that was just completely useless. He was annoying and he had no purpose to the story whatsoever. His lines we’re unbearably unfunny and it felt like they were written by a twelve-year-old.

The movie has fun action sequences, it does, but the plot is so conventional and the characters are so weak that it’s not enough to justify its own existence other than “let’s try to make more money off this franchise.” It didn’t need to happen and I cannot see Sony developing another sequel. The story has nowhere to go and I can’t see people really clamoring for a new one.

The world is bigger, there are more aliens, the agency is delved into more, but the movie does not give us any reason to care about any of these things. It tries hard but unfortunately fails at trying to being relevant after seven years. Now I will say that this movie is definitely better than Men in Black 2 and even 3, but that’s not saying much.

Overall, Men in Black International is a very bland sequel that has a charismatic pair of leads, several fun action sequences, but a weak script, a lame story and poorly developed characters make this an uninspired outing.

Rating: C+


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