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Avengers: End Game Review

This is it. The culmination of the Infinity Saga. What we’ve been waiting for since 2008. Did this movie live up to the hype? The short answer is, hell yes.

Following their defeat at the battle of Wakanda, the Avengers attempt whatever it takes to defeat Thanos and reverse the snap that caused 50% of all living creatures to die.

The MCU has been alive for quite a while, 11 years, in fact, and it’s mind-blowing what Kevin Feige here has accomplished over the course of his producing career. He has shown the world that he had an overarching plan that made all the movies seem as if they all had some sort of importance—yes, even Thor: The Dark World, which is nearly always deemed as the lowest rated film of the franchise. This movie gives all of those years spent with these characters a satisfying finality and a bittersweet closure that I will have to come in terms with: The Infinity Stones storyline is done, which means—without giving anything away, so are some of the characters we’ve grown to appreciate over the course of 22 films. It’s hard to say goodbye but at least we know that more movies will be made like Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Doctor Strange 2 and now that Marvel has X-Men and Fantastic, who knows what the MCU will look like ten years from now.

Everyone here is great. They’ve become they’re characters and these are desperate times and it’s when these superheroes seem most human. They’re struggling to come to terms with their new reality and it’s hard for them to move on. This movie is probably Robert Downey Jr. and Chris’s Evans finest hour. Their performances here are crazy good. They’ve been the main stars of the MCU and they’re given here the most things to do and they are truly magnificent. Scarlett Johansson is also great again as Black Widow and she is also very affected by what happened and will do whatever it takes to make things right. She will finally get her do in her own standalone film, well deserved. Jeremy Renner is back as Hawkeye, who wasn’t present in Infinity War. He’s struggling with his own demons here and his character is given the most depth he’s ever had in the franchise. I’ve always liked his character and he’s absolutely great here and he’s got a lot of scenes where he shines, especially the ones he shares with Johansson.

Hulk and Thor are back, both in very different places than where they were in Infinity War, and I won’t say anything more. Mark Ruffolo and Chris Hensworth do own their roles though and while I do wish both of them did more in this film but I was fine with what I got. Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is always the fun and bright spot of the film but he also does a lot to help. He’s a hero through and through and his contribution to the Avengers cannot be understated. Josh Brolin is once again back as Thanos, menacing and tough as ever and he’s become one of the greatest villains of all time. The MCU really did a great job with his character by giving him a great motivation and making him an honest and determined adversary.

The story itself is really well thought out and emotionally gripping. It takes a lot of twists and turns in the first two acts by giving us a lot of familiar moments, familiar places by bringing the entire saga in a circle once more. Does it prevent a few issues and narrative problems along the way? Absolutely. But so did Back to the Future 2 and that was an awesome movie.

The Russo’s are back and this is their fourth Marvel film that they’ve directed. They’ve become the new face of the MCU and with 4 awesome films under their belts, with two Captain America movies, two Avengers movies; it’s pretty understandable why. And if this is really their last film of the franchise, then they are going out with a bang.

The last act of this film is the finest hour of any comic book film ever. It’s what we were promised back in 2008. Marvel delivered and they delivered with a punch. It’s everything I wanted, everything I hoped for and more. Again, logic issues aside, this ending is the right one they chose for the entire infinity saga. It was emotional and heartfelt and not gonna lie, it made me tear up a bit. It was really perfect.

I cannot think of a franchise that has been this consistent in quality for so many movies. It’s unprecedented what Disney has accomplished with this brand. They had a plan and the plan worked in spades and the people keep coming back. That’s a sign of a studio that knows what they’re doing and that know what the audience wants. Never take that for granted.

Overall, Avengers: Endgame is a grand epic that is satisfying and enthralling and gives fans of the MCU everything that they ever hoped to see in a comic book movie.

Rating: A




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