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Captain Marvel Review

Brie Larson stars in the twenty-first Marvel film and it is the first film in the franchise that takes place in the nineties. Enter Captain Marvel’s first origin story film, which tells the story of how she became the all-powerful hero as the Earth is caught in between the war of two galactic civilizations.

Right off the bat, Captain Marvel is a fine film that is boxed in the same basic Marvel formula with the same color palet, same jokes, same story beats and doesn’t really offer anything new except the fact that this time around Captain Marvel is a woman and that’s what’s special about this film. She’s an extremely important character to the overall Marvel franchise, and the most powerful superhero of the entire series, as Kevin Feige has stated numerous times.

I’d like to start with the positives. Brie Larson is good as Captain Marvel, we all know that she’s a terrific actress and she is believable in the role. My only gripe with her character is that she doesn’t know who she really is for a large majority of this film, so as a viewer, I found it hard to connect with her. As the movie progressed, however, I was on board with her character and I’m looking to seeing more of her in Avengers: End Game.

The supporting cast is also really fun. It’s always great to see Sam Jackson back as Nick Fury and Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson and since this film takes place in the nineties, both of them are de-aged and the effects are the best that Marvel has put out yet. Ben Mindelson is also terrific here as one of the bad guys of the movie as he is always in every role he does. Jude Law is also pretty good as a friend to Captain Marvel, although he’s not in the film a ton. While not perfect, there is a lot of action that is exciting and fun and it’s got everything an average viewer could want in a big blockbuster. Also the design of the Skrulls we’re really good and they looked menacing and intimidating. I don’t like everything that the movie does with them, but I like how they look and their shaft shifting powers. Goose the cat is also a fun and goofy character and you’ll understand why when you see the film. I’m not much a cat lover, I’m way more a dog person, but he was fun.

Which brings me to my negatives. Some of the action is entertaining and well crafted, while some of it is kind of hard to tell what is going on and a bit bland. The first half to me was the weakest part of the film. It took a while for the movie too kick into gears and for me the movie started when Captain Marvel got on Earth in the nineties and met Nick Fury. Their chemistry really sold the movie for me and it was the most entertaining thing to watch. They had a really nice camaraderie after Nick finally begins to realize that Captain Marvel is not a normal human being. I had also an issue with something that happens near the third act which involves Nick Fury. I won’t go into much detail, but it was very ridiculous even by MCU standards. The humor, which mostly doesn’t land for me in these movies (despite a few exceptions) is fine here. Brie Larson is a bit stoic at times and I’m pretty sure it’s her direction and not her own fault, but I preferred Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman as a character.

I was also wondering where Captain Marvel has been all this time. This question is indeed answered, and I wasn’t really satisfied. It’s a very started explanation and I get it why Marvel decided to go this route, I just thought that it was very lazy storytelling. Also, Ronan the Accuser shows up and he doesn’t do much in the film. He’s there, which is nice, but he could have been removed entirely from this movie and the film wouldn’t have been much different. This movie kind of starts to have everything in the MCU feel a bit too overcrowded and it makes the timeline a bit messy.

Overall, despite a few flaws and wonky action sequences, Captain Marvel is a decent enough action movie that has a strong female character, a good supporting cast, and offers a decent origin story for the strongest female character in the MCU by not breaking too much away from the Marvel formula.

Rating: B-


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