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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Review

I’ve been a huge fan of the first two How to train your dragon films. They’re great entertainment for the entire family and these films have a deep and important message that anybody, even those that have a disability, can accomplish great things.

The third installment begins as humans and dragons try and coexist together, but Hiccup soon realizes that their home is not big enough and decides to go seeking for the hidden world, just when his dragon toothless falls in love with a female fury.

Right off the bat , this movie is great. It follows in the heels of the first extremely well and it’s a great conclusion to the trilogy.

The animation like always is wonderful. The film looks even better than the first two and the dragon design look delightful; the character traits are top notched and the worlds are beautiful. The action is also extremely entertaining and resonant, especially the climax, which was satisfying and also tied up the characters arcs in a beautiful and surprising way.

The characters are all fun and memorable and Hiccup has evolved since the past two movies. He’s grown and he’s evolved into a great leader. He is still dealing with the loss of his father but his mother is there to give him advice and help him become the man he should be. Jay Baruchel is the character and you can tell that the writers catered the role for him. America Ferrera is great as Astrid once again and her relationship with Hiccup is one of the best parts of the film. Their chemistry is so perfect that they seem like a perfect couple. Toothless also gets a romantic love interest, which takes a lot of screen time in this movie. But it’s well handled and it’s often very touching.

As for negatives, the villain is a very one-note and cliché villain. He’s a big threat and he needs to be there for the plot but he felt like a very boring character that didn’t have much depth to him and that’s probably the biggest negative of this film. Also the love aspect might take too much screen time even though it is handled very well. The relationship between Toothless and the night fury needed to develop so that us, the viewers, could identify with the night fury and feel for her plights. While she was a fine addition, she wasn’t as great of a character as Toothless or some of the other dragons we’re.

Overall, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is everything a third installment of a movie franchise, fun, exciting, action-packed and filled with wonderful characters, brilliant animation, and emotion.

Rating: A-


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