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Escape Room Review

Escape Room has started to become a really popular thing today in the world, so it was only natural that they would make a movie about it. This is a PG-13 film that hopes to start a new horror franchise and I would say that it mostly succeeds at what it tries to do.

The film tells the story of six strangers, who are all given an invitation to an Escape Room, which was only supposed to be for fun, but soon find out that they are in desperate need of survival as each room contain a series of deadly and mortal traps.

This movie is a lot of fun. Is it great? No. Is the ending extremely silly? Absolutely. But it had me entertained all the way through the end and I liked the characters. Some of them were more developed than others. Some were more likable. But in the end, they all had a function and none of them made stupidly horrible decisions that made you shook your head.

The standouts are Taylor Russell and Deborah Ann Wall. Russell who also leads the cast and whom I’ve liked ever since I saw Netflix’s Lost in Space. She’s great here as the shy, intelligent girl who keeps her calm in difficult situations. Deborah Ann Wall, who was great in shows like Daredevil and True Blood, is also really good in this film and her character is suffering intense claustrophobia and she doesn’t have the best of nerves.

The rest of the supporting cast was fine. Logan Miller was fine in the film. He didn’t blow me away and he wasn’t terrible either. None of the other cast mates we’re all that great either, but they didn’t do a terrible job. They were a functional part of the team: some, more than others.

The film has a lot of fun and inventive rooms. All the more dangerous than the last and the stakes become bigger and bigger. While it does feel very much like movies like Saw or Cube, it does enough new things with the traps to make it interesting.

As for the negatives, the ending is pretty dumb and cliché. It’s not great and it could have been much better. It was like the studio was desperate to turn this into a series of films (and now I’m not even sure it’ll happen). The ending was underwhelming but it wasn’t terrible and I’m looking to see where it goes from here on out. The script isn’t also the greatest and the dialogue was at times a bit wonky, but that’s normal in most horror films.

It also would have benefited from an R rating. The film feels very toned down, almost like they wanted to get as many people in the theater as possible and I don’t blame them.

But as a PG-13 horror film, this certainly wasn’t bad. It was entertaining, it had a decent amount of thrills and the rooms we’re exciting and I was guessing who was the murderer throughout. It was a pretty decent January, and what more can you ask for?

Rating: B


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