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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Review

Miles Morales has always been an obscure comic book character. He’s definitely not as well known as Peter Parker and he’s never gotten he’s due on the big screen. Enter Into the Spider-verse, Sony’s latest attempt at a Spiderman film this year. And while I didn’t flat out love this film, it’s certainly entertaining and it’s better than it ever has the right of being.

Into the Spider-verse tells the story of Miles who is an awkward kid whom was always fond of the real Spiderman in his universe and when a portal opens up it gives the ability of many different Spiderman’s to team up and co-exist with each other in order to defeat the one and mighty Kingpin.

First off, the positives: Every character is given enough backstory and motivation to make you care about every single one of them. They also do a fun introduction every time we get to meet a new Spider-man (or Spider-woman) and it keeps it fresh and entertaining. My favorite out of all of them we’re probably Spider-Gwen and Nicholas Cage’s Neo-Noir Spiderman who was hilarious and had great lines. Also, it was nice to see a change to Aunt May’s character, who was turned into a badass. Miles and Gwen also have a great and touching relationship which was done really well. Also, the relationship between old Peter Parker and Mary Jane was also very well done.

Kingpin was also very cool and intimidating. The way he’s drawn was super fun and inventive and they really displayed how big he was with the way he was drawn.

I wasn’t too huge on the animation style. There was a 3D effect that took me out of the experience and they really made it look like a comic book which didn’t really work for the big screen. I thought it was fine, just not up to Pixar or Disney standards.

There are a few surprising scenes in this movie, ones that I didn’t see coming and that took me off-guard. Kingpin also has a really great backstory that really gave him a good motivation for being the bad guy of this movie and while he’s not as great as the Kingpin in Daredevil by any means, they did a good job with his character.

As for the negatives, the story is nothing to write home about. It’s not the screenplay of the year and it’s certainly not the best Spiderman movie that exists in my opinion. It was certainly better than Venom but Homecoming to me is a better film. The story here is probably the biggest issue I had with the film, it’s fine. It didn’t blow me away and while it did try new things, I was left a bit underwhelmed at the end.

But to elaborate, this is certainly an enjoyable film. It’s fun and entertaining and it does the Miles Morales character justice. I just didn’t love it as much as some people claim. I certainly think that it’s overhyped but that’s fine. That’s the nature of subjectivity.

Overall, Spider-man into the Spider-verse has great characters, a decent story and some questionable animation, but should easily please either fans of the character of Miles Morales or Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

Rating: B+


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