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Overlord Review

J.J. Abrams produces Overlord, a thriller about Nazi zombies during World War 2 and it stars Wyatt Russell, Jovan Adepo and newcomer Mathilde Oliver and is directed by Julius Avery.

The movie follows a team of American Soldiers whom embark on a perilous quest through Nazi occupied France whom soon learn about sinister Nazi experiments that could change the world forever.

Overlord is a very intense, violent and disturbing movie to watch. It’s very heavy and doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a horror movie first and foremost and it portrays the harsh reality of war and in that it succeeds on all levels.

The characters are all pretty well developed for a movie like this. The main character Boyce has the most character development throughout the film and the biggest character arc. He’s the soldier we root for, the man with the golden heart. He’s the most inexperienced soldier who hasn’t seen a battle yet and won’t accept the hard realities of war. He witnesses the horrible experimentations that the Nazis do to the villagers and that’s where the zombies come into place.

All the actors do a good job in the film. The three main leads are all really talented, especially newcomer Mathilde Oliver as Zoe. She is awesome in this film and brings so much emotion to her character and she stole every scene she was in. The villain was also menacing and you hate his guts. He’s a piece of filth and a poor excuse for a human being and it can become maddening to a point when he survives so much shit that the heroes inflict upon him.

The movie is well shot and the action scenes are incredibly well directed. You can feel the tension in every scene and the war sequences are brutal and intense. It’s one of the most suspenseful films I’ve seen a while.

The zombies are intelligent, strong, fast and extremely intimidating. This movie is not a zombie fest, it’s a war film first and foremost. If you go in this film expecting a full-on zombie apocalypse you will be disappointed. But the zombies are some of the most terrifying zombies I’ve seen in a long time and the makeup is extremely affecting.

The gore in this film is gruesome. There is a rape scene that just made me uncomfortable and bodies explode in this movie. It’s an intense ride and it doesn’t stop until the last moment.

As for flaws, the narrative isn’t all that deep and it’s a pretty straightforward zombie flick. It can feel a bit like a video game at times, with characters going from point A to point B with zombies integrated in the mix. It’s a fairly simple premise that doesn’t forget what it set out to do in the first place: deliver some zombie carnage. And it does its job well.

Overall, Overlord is a fun and intense thriller with an entertaining premise and a great cast of characters, edge of your seat action and a good, be it not overbearing, dose of zombie nazi bloodshed.

Rating: B+


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