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Venom Review

Sony’s Venom stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Willams and follows the character of Eddie Brock, whom after getting in touch with an alien entity known as the symbiote, becomes the dreadful creature Venom.

Sony has been trying to set up there own separate universe without Spiderman since he now “belongs” at Marvel. This is a movie that tries to exist without any connections to the character but fails in almost every aspect.

I’m a big fan of the character and I’ve had trouble of figuring out why Sony wanted to attempt something like this since the very beginning. Why not include the character with Spiderman and the Avengers? Why attempt doing a universe that is separate just to make money? It was a dumb idea in it’s inception and the movie did not prove me wrong and unfortunately did not deliver.

The acting is cringe-worthy at best and that’s pretty sad when you got Tom Hardy as your lead. Tom Hardy is fine here but we know he can do better. He’s Tom Hardy. He’s one of the top actors working today and here he’s so over the top and feels like he’s a completely different movie than Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. It’s like he got the memo and the others didn’t. However, the Tom Hardy/Venom interaction is the best part of this movie. It’s weird, it’s funny for all the wrong ways and it’s off-putting at times just like the rest of this film.

Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed are both amazing actors and they don’t work here because they have nothing to do. The dialogue that they’re trying to deliver is absolutely atrocious and just laugh-out-loud bad. Their characters are so one-dimensional and you don’t care about any of them. Riz Ahmed is not threatening as the bad guy and his motivation is so weak its laughable. He was such a poorly written villain that it bogged the entire movie down.

There’s not a lot to enjoy in this film. The romance is terrible; the action is clichéd; the story is barely there; the acting is wooden; the CGI is all right; the creature looked good but at some points the movie looked like a video game. Venom doesn’t come into the movie until an hour into it and that would have been fine if they had a better story and better developed characters, but that’s just not the case with this film.

As a start of a separate universe, Venom fails like most other Hollywood attempts at building their own franchises by not sticking to this very simple rule of filmmaking: Make a good movie first, worry about building a universe second.

Rating: D-


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