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A Star is Born Review

A star is Born, 2018 edition, is directed by Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut and stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and is the third or fourth remake of the film by the same name. It tells the story of an accomplished singer who encounters a woman one night in a bar and after hearing how talented she is, decides to make her a star, despite her shyness in front of large crowds. She rises to stardom very quickly, but the weight and the problems of being a celebrity soon catches up with them.

As a directorial debut, Bradley Cooper does a really good job here with the direction. The shots are well composed, the acting is superb by both Lady Gaga and Cooper, the songs are wonderful, the writing is great, the story flows at a good pace even though the film clocks at 2h20 minutes. The characters are the best part of this film. They’re fully realized people with everyday problems that make you care about them and feel for them. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have a great chemistry together on screen and you buy their relationship from the get-go. I already knew Lady Gaga could sing well, but had no idea Bradley Cooper could too. Both have great voices and the soundtrack to this film is probably one of the best aspects and one I’m going to get as soon as I can.

Lady Gaga has never wowed me as an actress. I’ve always liked her as a singer and as a performer, but she’s never blown me away. And it’s maybe because American Horror Story wasn’t the best showcase for her acting ability, that’s certainly possible, but here, this is her movie. She gives the best female performance I’ve seen all year, and while I’m sure that will change once more movies come out, she’s incredible in this film. Bradley Cooper does cater the movie around her and give her more to do and maybe a more seasoned actress could have played her part, but she’s fantastic here. Bradley Cooper is wonderful too and both of them are the reason why this movie works so well.

As for flaws, while I was never bored, there are scenes that could have been cut. You can tell that Bradley Cooper did not know which scenes he should have edited out because the movie did not need to be as long as it was. It was enjoyable all the way through but the movie could have been shortened by a good twenty minutes.

Also, it’s extremely predictable and the movie lacks originality. I had not seen any of the older versions of the film that we’re made prior and I knew everything that was going to happen before it did. It was a by the numbers movie and that’s okay if it’s done right. It did not ruin my experience and it’s a downside that you gotta face after so many remakes and so familiar storylines.

Overall, A Star is Born is a great movie that offers fantastic performances, wonderful songs, assured direction and tragic implication of what it means to be a star.

Rating: A-


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