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The Incredibles 2 Review

I’m a huge fan of the first Incredibles. It’s one of my favorite Pixar movies and it had a great premise and fun characters and it is probably the best Fantastic Four movie that we’ll ever get to see. So naturally, like everybody else, I was looking forward to this movie. Fourteen years later, we finally get an Incredibles sequel. Does it live up to the first one? Unfortunately, no.

The film takes place immediately after the first and after a failed attempt to stop The Underminer, Helen Parr must bring the heroes back into the spotlight in a positive light so that the supers can become one day legal again.

Right off the bat, the animation is fantastic. Pixar always does wonderful animation and Incredibles 2 is no exception. It looks gorgeous and it’s really well made. The characters are still great and all the voice actors return. Holly Hunter returns as Helen Parr; Craig T. Nelson reprises his role as Mr. Incredible; Samuel L. Jackson is back as Frozone, which was my favorite character from the first one. This film also welcomes the addition of Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, two amazing performers from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul and Catherine Ann Keener who portrays Odenkirk’s sister in the film. Jack Jack is also discovering more of his powers, as he becomes the world’s most powerful superhero at just an infant age.

But unfortunately, the story is nowhere near as compelling or as interesting as the first movie. The villain is bland, one-dimensional and it’s extremely predictable what the twist in this film is and that’s really disappointing. The film also takes too much time exploring the family aspect, while in the first one there was a great balance between that and the action. Here the action feels kind of a bit stale and repetitive and isn’t particularly memorable. I’ve seen this film twice now. The first time I liked it, nowhere near as much as the first one, but thought it was decent. I liked it even less the second time and that is pretty sad since I love the first film. I would have liked more connective tissue with the first one. It would have been interesting if someone connected to Syndrome would have after the Incredibles for revenge or something along those lines, or have the whole movie based around The Underminer, he looked pretty cool but he’s barely in it, unfortunately.

Overall, it’s a decent animated film, but Incredibles 2 doesn’t reach the height or the potential the first film offered us. It has wonderful animation and the characters we love are intact, but it’s a letdown sadly in the storytelling department but here’s to hoping that we don’t have to wait another fourteen years for a third one.

Rating: B-


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