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A Quiet Place Review

John Kransiski and wife Emily Blunt both star in the horror thriller A Quiet Place which is also written and directed by Kransiski. I’ve always been a big fan of both of the actors obviously John plays Jim in The Office and Blunt stars in films like Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario. They’re both great actors and both have a very bright career ahead of them. A Quiet Place is a tense, suspenseful and intelligent thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the opening to the closing credits.

A Quiet Place takes place in the future and tells the story of a family that has been hiding in silence from an invention of creatures of unknown origin that are attracted to loud noise. In order to survive they must make as little sound as possible or else they die. They try their best to survive in this terrible dystopian world and have most of their conversations through sign language.

Good monster movies are a dime a dozen. They’re extremely rare and A Quiet Place stands above the rest since it has a great screenplay, well-developed characters and a good story. It’s a very smart thriller and here rarely will a character make a dumb or stupid decision that a person would never do in real life.

The creatures are also extremely well designed and terrifying at times and from the opening shot you get the sense that everyone is in peril. Nobody is safe. And that feeling of dread remains through the film.

John Kransiski and Emily Blunt have great chemistry with one another and their performances are amazing. They both take this material seriously and they feel extremely passionate about the film which sells their performances even more. The kid actors are all also pretty good. None of them we’re bad or annoying and they we’re actually important to the overall narrative.

The film works on almost every level and is only 90 minutes, which is perfect. The only negative I can find is that there is a few jump scares and it’s always a loud noise which does work but gets a bit annoying after a while.

Overall, this is a great directorial debut that offers fantastic performances, chilling thrills and a gripping story that never becomes to implausible or cliché.

Rating: A


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