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The Disaster Artist Review

Oh Hai Mark! The Room is arguably the best worst movie ever made. It’s so bad it’s good and Tommy Wiseau’s performance is so over the top and horrendously bad that it’s amazing. So naturally, a movie about its production had to be made. Based on the book written by Greg Sestero, author of The Disaster Artist book and friend to Tommy, The Disaster Artist tells the story of how two friends passion’s for acting gave them the desire to make The Room.

James Franco is truly fantastic as Tommy Wiseau and he inhabits him perfectly. His impression is completely spot-on and he deserves an Oscar nomination. Dave Franco, James’s brother in real life, is the best he’s ever been here as Greg Sestero and their chemistry is what elavates this movie. They’re absolutely amazing together. The rest of the supporting cast are all terrific. Seth Rogen, Allison Brie, Josh Hutcherson as well as dozens of cameos are great additions to the film.

Seeing the production of The Room is completely fascinating from start to finish and the film completely breaks it down how it was working with Tommy Wiseau who is one of the strangest men who ever walked the earth. I love that Tommy is also kept in the dark and not much is known about him. No one knows where he’s from or his age or how he got all of his money.

This movie makes you feel for Tommy Wiseau and doesn’t poke fun at The Room, which is an easy thing they could have done. They decided to go for the heart of it all instead of the laughs and it pays off. This is a great drama as well as a comedy and you can tell the Franco brothers had a lot of passion for this material. The movie also doesn’t rely on fan service. It has plenty of moments from The Room that you’ll remember and love seeing, but it tells it’s own story within the story. James Franco does a great job directing this film and should get directing credit. Some of the actors and costumes don’t look exactly like they did in the film, but that’s just a minor annoyance. Most of the shots are recreated almost perfectly.

I don’t have any problems or flaws with the movie. It’s heartfelt, touching and heartbreaking at times, especially when Tommy is in that theater and finds out how The Room is received. He might be the easiest person to work with or the most sane, but he was passionate about his art and he was hurt at first by how everyone viewed his film as a comedy basically. This is one of the best movies of the year.

Overall, superbly directed and wonderfully acted, The Disaster Artist is a heartfelt film about two men’s desire to break into the movie industry and accomplish their dreams despite us knowing how the final product turns out.

Rating: A


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