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Top 10 Pixar Films


Food has rarely look so good in animation than it does in Ratatouille, Pixar’s 8th film. Brilliantly voiced by Patton Oswalt, the film tells the story about a rat who is living his sweet dreams in Paris and wants to become a chef. Touching, funny and heartfelt, Ratatouille is an underrated Pixar film.


Wall-E is the prime example that you can make a great film with almost no dialogue and still be entertaining enough for kids to enjoy. You instantly get attached to this robot, who is left behind on a forgotten on Planet Earth, which in turn has become and destroyed inhabited by humans. Wall-E is a wonderful movie that will please kids and adults alike.

8.A Bug’s Life

The most underrated Pixar movie, A bug’s Life is a great film that doesn’t get enough recognition. Perhaps it’s because Antz was release the same year, but this film is a great adventure film that tells the story of an ant that is kind of seen as a loser by the rest of the colony, but who decides to go and find heroes in order to defeat the evil grasshoppers that demand all the food portion for the winter. A great film, A Bug’s life is tragically underrated.

7.Toy Story 3

An almost perfect ending to a trilogy anyone could hope for, Toy Story has it all. Great humor, heartfelt laughs, amazing characters and a moving story makes this chapter in the Toy Story trilogy a near perfect conclusion, so let’s hope Toy Story 4 doesn’t bog down the franchise.

6.Toy Story 2

Toy Story 1 is a near perfect movie, so does Toy Story 2 top it? No, it doesn’t, but it’s a damn good sequel. It pushes our characters through new heights and new challenges and Woody and the gang’s relationship is tested when he meets new Toys that want to spend their lives in a Museum instead of being stock in boxes. While Toy Story 2 tries a bit too much to get to your heartstrings, it is still a satisfying sequel nonetheless.


Fresh in theaters, Coco is an awesome movie that displays the Mexican culture incredibly well and has great music, heartfelt messages and is above all about life and death. Pixar has done it again and has made a wonderful movie that both kids and adults can enjoy.

4.Inside Out

One of the most adult Pixar movies, Inside Out is a near flawless masterpiece, that is just as good for kids and adults. It is touching, emotionally vibrant and deals with important emotions that kids are dealing every day and even though kids too young don’t necessarily understand everything in this film, it’s a beautifully animated movie that is extremely well told.

3.Monster’s Inc

Mike and Scully have such great chemistry with one another and with the kid Bo and the premise of this movie is amazing. Monsters that can get into our world by doors and scare kids so that their world can have energy. Brilliant premise and Monster’s Inc executes it so well, much better than Monster’s U, which was a very disappointing sequel.

2.The Incredibles

One of the best superhero movies ever made, The Incredible has it all. Great action, wonderful characters, beautiful animation and a great villain, which is something comic book movies rarely do well but Incredibles do it so well. The Incredibles is a great animated movie and we’re all hungry to see the sequel.

1.Toy Story

My favorite animated movie of all time, this movie has everything. A wonderful story for kids and adults, smart humour, great characters, beautiful animation that sticks with you and features one of the most evil villains in animation, Sid. Woody and Buzz are the best Pixar characters in my opinion as well as the supporting cast that includes Mr. Potato Head, Slinky and Rex. The original Toy Story is the pinnacle of what animated movies should be, and it put Pixar on the map.

There you have it, I realize that some of you might be angry that I didn’t put Up or Finding Nemo and I like both, but there are ten other Pixar films that I like even more than those two. Be sure to ket me know what your top 10 favorite Pixar films are.


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