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Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor Ragnarok is the 17th Marvel Cinematic Universe film and the third movie in the Thor franchise and whenever a franchise of films gets to that number, its hard not to get stale, and while Ragnarok isn’t a horrible, it’s a big bloated unfunny comedy that Marvel has been doing as of late and I’m getting sick of it.

Thor is back and must race against time to save Asgard from the god of death Hela and stop her dominion over his home world.

First the pros. Chris Hensworth is still great as Thor and has all the qualities of a leading man and he also still has amazing chemistry with Loki, played flawlessly by Tom Hiddleston. Their back and forth is still the best part of the Thor films and this film is no exception. Mark Ruffolo is also amazing as the Hulk and continues to be one of the best parts of the MCU as a tortured human being.

Newcomers Cate Blanchet and Tessa Thompson both offered strong female characters and we’re both great in their respective roles. I’m a huge fan of Jeff Goldblum, but here he’s too over the top for his own good, and we don’t know anything about his character, so we can’t possibly get invested in his character.

The action is also pretty fun and exciting, but that’s something you’d expect from a Marvel movie. The movie also looks great and Taika Waititi understands how to film action. Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange also has a great cameo in the film and has some fun interaction with Thor and Loki.

Now the cons. By far my biggest gripe with this film is that this movie plays for the laughs and the jokes take away from the dramatic moments of the movie, which lessens the stakes for me. Once again we have a Marvel movie that has no substance and that’s unfortunate, because the humor feels forced and the jokes feel desperate like they did in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and gets in the way of the story. Humor isn’t Marvel’s strong suit and Thor 3 proves this again once more that they’re more concerned of making people laugh than constructing a great narrative. Now, if you liked the Marvel formula and it’s humor as of late, then you’ll probably like this movie. I might be in the minority here, but this kind of humor in action movies is not something that appeals to me personally. There are a few dark moments in this movie. There are. But most of them are overshadowed by a witty joke, which makes the tone inconsistent.

Also, while Cate Blanchet is great as Hela, she doesn’t do much in the movie. She causes some trouble for Thor and Asgard, but once she’s gotten what she wants, she doesn’t do anything. This could have been such a great villain if there we’re some depth in her and if we’d understand her motivations better.

Overall, Thor Ragnarok is a disappointing Marvel outing that could have been something great if it had focused on it’s narrative rather than it’s comedy, despite having some entertaining action sequences and a great performance from Cate Blanchet.

Rating: C+


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