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All The Chucky Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

Warning: This article contains spoilers for every film of the Chucky franchise.

1.Child’s Play

The first Child’s Play, the one that introduced us to the Good Guy doll, remains the best film in the series with it’s creepy atmosphere and it’s dark and sinister tone. Andy Barkley will become the main antagonist in the first 3 films and will come back in Curse and Cult of Chucky. Brad Dourif who later goes on to play Grima in The Lord of The Rings, plays serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who transfers his soul into a Good Guy doll after being nearly killed by a police officer in a Toy Store. The same good guy doll is then sold and bought by the mother of Andy Barkley, who is the first person that Chucky introduces himself too. Chucky then must transfer his soul into Andy Barkley, so he doesn’t stay trapped inside the good guy doll forever. While this film is far from perfect and it does get campy at times, it’s the best of all of the seven films by far.


2. Child’s Play 2

The sequel, Child’s Play 2, has Andy Barkley being adopted by a foster family while Chucky still desperately wants to transfer his soul onto Andy. While the sequel pretty much has the same plot of the first one, it’s still entertaining enough and the introduction of Kyle, played by Christine Elise, brings a breath of fresh air to the franchise as she becomes kind of a big sister to Andy as the two battle Chucky. The sequel is more in tone with the original Child’s Play and while it does follow a familiar storyline, it’s fun and entertaining to watch.


3. Curse of Chucky


The sixth instalment of the Child’s Play franchise goes back to it’s roots of the first film and provides one of the darkest film’s of the franchise. The tone becomes much darker after the two much more comedic Bride and Seed of Chucky that came beforehand, and this movie makes Chucky menacing again. He still has his quirky one-liners and still does some funny stuff, but overall this is the Chucky that was introduced in the first Child’s Play, the one that we should fear instead of cracking jokes every 5 minutes. This is a taught suspenseful 90 minute thrill ride with surprisingly good characters and a decent script that ties together with the first one.


4. Child’s Play 3

Child’s Play 3 sees Andy Barkley as a teenager in military school, still being haunted by his tragic past that refuses to let him go. Chucky is reborn from the Toy Factory and goes after Barkley. Part 3 is a mixed bag but is still entertaining enough and Chucky has some pretty good one lines. It’s not as good as the first two and the plot gets very silly at times, not as much as the next two of the series, but still unbelievable to a fault.


5. Bride of Chucky

The first Chucky instalment to go full on comedic, Bride of Chucky is pretty entertaining too watch despite it’s convoluted plot and terrible characters that no one could ever root for, but the lightheartedness of the film helps making these characters likeable. This film is not meant to be taken seriously, like all of the Chucky movies, some more than others. Chucky has some great one-liners as usual and this is the one that introduces us to Jennifer Tilly who plays multiple characters from here on out and also has Katherine Heigl, surprisingly for no apparent reason.


6. Cult of Chucky

The seventh installment of Chucky is a direct follow-up to Curse and the tone stays pretty consistent. However, some of the aspects of the story, notably the ending, and how the psychiatry hospital is treated, doesn’t make much sense and the plot gets way too convoluted for it’s own good. Still, it’s nice to see Andy Barkley back as a grown adult man, who can’t date because of his horrid past and tortures the head of Chucky, which he blows off in a post credit scene in Curse. We are also treated to a cool post credit scene in this with the surprising return of Kyle (which makes you wonder why they wouldn’t have gotten together, since both are pretty much perfect for each other). The seventh installment keeps things open for an 8 (who knows when we might get it) and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Kyle and Andy’s relationship explored.


7. Seed of Chucky

The worst one is in my opinion Seed of Chucky, which doesn’t make any sense and while there are some funny moments, has the dumbest plot in the entire franchise. Chucky has a kid named Glen (or Glenda) who is big embarrassment for Chucky since Glen wants nothing to with killing. The movie also often makes Psycho references; Tiffany is often confused of the kid’s gender, which in turn makes Glen confused and has him dress like a woman. While there are no truly horrible Chucky movies, this one is probably my least favorite, since it goes way too overboard with it’s comedic tone for it’s own good.

Overall, this is a series that remains pretty consistent despite entries that are obviously better than others. Well, there you have it, let me know what your list of worst and best Chucky movies is.


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