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The Foreigner Review

I’ve been a fan of Jackie Chan my whole life and he’s been a movie idol to me ever since my young age so naturally I was hyped to see this movie. Jackie Chan Vs. James Bond in an action movie, are you kidding me?

The Foreigner tells the story of a caring father, whom after loosing his daughter in a bombing will do anything to find the men or women responsible for her killer.

Jackie Chan is great in this film and he is extremely underrated as an actor in my opinion. Everyone knows he can do some amazing stunts and we all know he’s one of the best if not the best action star in the world, but as a performer, Jackie Chan doesn’t get enough credit. He can be serious, funny, dramatic and he always has amazing chemistry when he is paired up with someone, whether it’s Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson. He’s the best part of The Foreigner and carries the movie on his shoulders and then some. He shows to us that he has a lot of dramatic chops and it’s a role that is perfect for Chan.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is pretty forgettable and bland. This is not an action movie, despite what the trailers tell us and despite it being a Jackie Chan film. Chan is now 63 and he’s aged but he’s made some great stunts in Skip Trace, so we know he’s still capable, but here it’s like he’s to old to do action which is almost unthinkable. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t need action all the time in my movies, but when the script doesn’t grab you and the characters don’t have anything interesting about them to make you invested in the movie, it gets pretty generic fast.

Pierce Brosnan is okay as the villain but I never found him to be a great actor, even as James Bond I’ve always found him to be serviceable. But again here we have an actor that is extremely capable of doing action scenes and his own stunts, so why not use him at his full capacity?

And lastly, Martin Campbell directed Casino Royale and Golden Eye, which are two of some of the best Bond films of all time and he’s also made some duds like Green Lantern. The direction of this film is extremely flat and the movie movies at such a slow pace and has so little few action scenes in between the dialogue scenes that it becomes boring. None of the characters are interesting except Jackie Chan and the dialogue is so uninteresting that it’s a crime that there’s so much of it.

Overall, The Foreigner isn’t terrible, but it could have been a lot better than it was if there had been memorable action scenes, good dialogue, a menacing villain and wasn’t bogged down by such an uninspired script.

Rating: C+


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