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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Premiere “Foisted” (Spoiler Free) Review

Curb is finally back after 6 years of hiatus. Last time we saw Larry, he was in New York with Leon raging war against Michael J. Fox. Time has passed since then, but Larry has not changed one bit and neither has the humor of the show. If you we’re on board with the previous 8 seasons and a fan of the series than this is the premiere for you and if you weren’t, then this won’t change your mind. It’s the same old Larry and if you’re a fan like I am, that’s a good thing.

(Almost) all of our favorite characters supporting characters are back. Jeff, Susie, Leon, Ted Danson, Richard Lewis, and even Cheryl. Marty Funkhouser still has yet to make an appearance and his presence is felt in the episode since he was by far one of the best parts of the show. The premiere also has Jimmy Kimmel as a guest star, which provides a pivotal plot point to this episode (and maybe this season’s) main storyline after Larry gets on his show and things go amuck from then on, which might be a bit over the top even for Curb Your Enthusiasm standards, but I thought that it was a fresh and interesting storyline which has the potential to take the show in a completely new direction that I was not expecting.

Is the chemistry between the actors all back? For the most part. Sometimes, the jokes don’t always hit and some of them felt a bit forced and we’ll see how the season progresses along. Now maybe it’s the writing, rather than the chemistry, or the anticipation (let’s face it my anticipation was through the roof) but more often than not the jokes did hit even if there we’re a few duds in the process (didn’t much care for the groom and bride storyline) but Kimmel foisting his own secretary onto Larry for not having the guts to fire her was probably the best part of the episode and Leon had some extremely funny lines and his role in this show is now pivotal so I can’t wait to see more of him. It’s weird thinking that he only arrived in season 6 since his chemistry with L.D. is so funny and on point and crucial to the show.

So is this series back? It’s a bit to quick to say after just one episode, but my thoughts are that yes, the series is back in good form and we’ll see how the show will continue for the rest of this season and where our favorite characters will go. I’m also curious to see Sammy, since Suzie mentioned (minor spoiler) that she is engaged and we haven’t seen her in a while in the show. Other guests stars I’m excited to see this season are Bryan Cranston as Larry’s psychiatrist, Elizabeth Banks, Mary Steenburgen and hopefully some of the Seinfeld casts will make a reappearance. Overall, as a season premiere, this was a solid episode that made me excited to tune in for things to come after such a long wait. As Larry himself would say, it’s pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Rating: 8/10 


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