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Wind River Review

Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen star in Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, which tells the story of two unlikely people that decide to pair up and solve the rape and murder of a young girl on a remote Native American landscape.

First off, this movie is fantastic. It’s extremely dark and there are ton of disturbing scenes that are hard to watch (mainly the one with Jon Bernthal) but it’s so raw and riveting that I was gripped from scene one.

Jeremy Renner gives the best performance of his entire career. He’s a broken man that needs to find some kind of redemption until he meets Elizabeth Olson’s character who is the only FBI agent in the area and is frustrated by the justice system in this desolate place. She decides to enlist Jeremy Renner’s character to help since he is a tracker and knows the area the best and their chemistry is so great. They’re awesome in Avengers together, so you know right off the bat that they’re going to be great and they are both magnificent in this movie.

Taylor Sheridan’s direction is excellent here as he captures both the isolation and loneliness of Wind River and how seclusion affects the people that reside there. The camera shots, the dialogue, the characters—are all so rich that the movie draws you in and doesn’t let go by the time it’s over. Of all the films that Taylor Sheridan wrote and directed, this is my favorite.

As for flaws, while the relationship between Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen is well developed and heartwarming, you don’t really get to know all that much about her character. She’s likeable, because Elizabeth Olsen plays her, and you know that she’s an FBI agent, but that’s about it. What’s her past life? What is her motivation for solving this crime other than being an agent? We don’t get to know her background history all that much but that doesn’t really matter though since you do care about her and her relationship with Jeremy Renner. The mystery also gets solved extremely quickly like most mystery’s do, but the payoff was satisfying, so again just a minor gripe.

Overall Wind River is a beautifully shot, well-written, wonderfully acted movie that will leave you thinking about it long after ends.

Rating: A-


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