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Mother! Review

Mother! Is the new film directed by Darren Aranofsky who is an excellent filmmaker that has directed excellent films like Black Swan, Requiem For a Dream and while I wasn’t a big fan of Noah and I didn’t love the trailers for this movie I’m a fan of Darren Aranofsky so of course I went to check it out.

Mother! Is about a young couple (Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem) that live in a house in the woods and they are visited by uninvited guests Ed Harris and Michelle Pfieffer who are a married couple that bring chaos into the couple’s lives and change their lives forever.

First off, pros: Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are both incredible in this movie. They performances and chemistry make this movie watchable. The entire supporting cast is great. Ed Harris, Michelle Pfieffer, Domnhall Gleeson are all fantastic in this film and do their best with the material that they are given.

The direction is also amazing. The camera shots, the close ups, the cinematography are all beautiful and with Darren Aranofsky at the helm this isn’t at all surprising. And here ends my positives.

This movie has been marketed as a horror film and right off the bat it’s not that at all. It’s barely a thriller. It’s a political statement. It’s Darren Aranofsky saying fuck you to the world and declaring that it’s a horrible place and that all humans are fucking terrible. The message in the movie isn’t subtle at all and incredibly pretentious and as a consumer paying to see a movie where the message is you’re horrible is like a slap in the face.

This movie is metaphor inside metaphors and it’s just maddening to watch because all the characters are absolutely terrible people and you have nobody to root for. I got bored of Mother! In the first thirty minutes and the movie never retrieved my interest and it just got worse and worse as the movie went along and incredibly repetitive and even more maddening as the movie draw to a close. This movie could have made its point in 10 minutes and could have been a short film instead of clocking at 115 minutes.

Mother! Is definitely a movie that will have people talk about it for days. It’s not a pleasant film to watch or an enjoyable time at the movies so keep that in mind when you purchase the ticket and it will be a controversial movie for sure. Is this art from an artist? Absolutely. I just didn’t like the painting that I was looking at. It will shock you, confuse you, make you angry, make you offended and have you thinking about it long after it is over, despite whether you liked the film or not.

Like Requiem for a Dream (which I liked) I will never watch this movie again although nothing here is as good as that film or Black Swan which is my favorite Darren Aranofsky movie.

Overall, Mother! Is a beautiful looking movie with great performances, but lacks likeable characters, a great script and is bogged down by obvious messages and metaphors that beat you over the head and feels more like a tenth plate for Darren Aranofsky to make a political statement rather than a film that you can just watch and have a good time at the movies with.

Rating: D-


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