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Game of Thrones Season 7 Review

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has already wrapped and come to an end. This year has gone by extremely fast and we may have to wait until 2019 until season 8, which will be the final season of the show. Hopefully, the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire series will have hit shelves by then.

This season brings the show slowly (and rapidly at certain points) to it’s inevitable conclusion. And while this season isn’t my favorite season of Game of Thrones (season 4 and 1 still remain the best in my humble opinion) it had plenty of thrills, fans service, epic battles and memorable death scenes (this is Game of Thrones, after all) but surprisingly no major character died this season. I enjoyed this season overall, although the quality in my opinion has diminished ever since the writers no longer follow the books. And I’m not one of those book purists that everything has to be just like the source materiel. I can let go of certain things and make room for others, as long as the writers are doing a good job of adapting it. And while there was a lot to like and love this season, the show felt rather rushed and the writing was sloppy at times. The show isn’t as good as it once was, but any season of Game of Thrones is still better than almost anything out there.

Season 7 starts off with Arya impersonating Walder Frey at The Twins after slicing his throat last season. After a lukewarm speech “Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe,” she poisons the remaining lords that helped murder the Starks at the Red Wedding. Arya has become a full pledge assassin and now wants to murder Cersei, the last name on her list (which comes to show that she has become the TV version of Lady Stone Heart).

She leaves the Twins and meets a band of soldiers on the road (one of the soldiers played by none other than singer Ed Sheraan who cheerfully sings us a tune, whom Maisie Williams is a big fan off in real life). Arya then learns from Hot Pie at an Inn that The Starks have retaken Winterfell from the Boltons and decides to head home where she is reunited with Sansa and Bran Stark.

Jon Snow, now King of the north, decides to go and meet Daenarys who has finally arrived after six previous season of buildup and starts ruling from Dragonstone where the two finally meet for the first time. Dany demands that Jon Snow bends the knee to her but Jon refuses. Tyrion, hand of the queen, tries to put sense into Jon and asks him to bend the knee. The interactions between these characters are one of the best parts of the season. Jon and Dany don’t like each other at first and don’t see eye to eye, but as they learn about each other they start to appreciate each other and trust each other. As a sign of good faith, Dany gives Jon the Dragonglass so that he can defeat the Whitewalkers.

Meanwhile, Theon, Yara and the Grayjoy’s get attacked by Euron’s fleet (which he builts in like two weeks with no money and no resources). This probably was the stupidest and most rushed storyline of the season. Euron is such an uninteresting and boring villain and he doesn’t add anything to the show at all. His character is bland, pointless and isn’t subtle. He’s supposed to be the next Joffrey and Ramsey Snow but he is just an annoying brat. There is nothing appealing about his character and he is simply there to create tension between Jamie and Cersei since he wants to marry her but you know that Cersei will never agree to marry Euron so it’s pointless.

He kidnaps Yara, Elleria and Tyene from Dorne after he attacks their fleet (which felt like leftover storyline that didn’t need to be apart of the season) so that Cersei can get her revenge from her daughter’s murder by poisoning Elleria’s daughter no less (which leads too one of the most disturbing scenes in the season, it almost felt like something that would happen in Saw).

Cersei, now queen of the Seven Kingdoms has the throne but very few alliances as Jamie points out, she rules three at best. Everyone has turned against her and with good reason. Cersei is ruthless a stubborn bitch and not very smart and will do what she pleases. Jamie is no longer oblivious to her and does question her motives, especially after he manages to siege Highgarden and kill Olenna Tyrell (which is one of the saddest deaths of the season). Olenna was such an awesome character and stole every scene she was in and unfortunately dies by poison after Jamie has asked Cersei to spare her a gruesome death. But before she goes, Olenna tells Jamie that she was the one that poisoned Joffrey and Jamie realizes that it wasn’t Tyrion after all. She goes out with her awesome line “Tell Cersei it was me.” Jamie leaves, restraining all the power he has not to make to torture Olenna to death, which shows how much his character has grown from season 1.

But despite taking Highgarden, the Lannisters are taken aback when Daenarys decides to take matters into her own hands and attack them, leading her army of the Dothraki and her dragons against the Lannisters, putting her up against Jamie Lannister and Bronn, which had me at a loss of who too root for. Bronn manages to harm the dragon with an arrow, but doesn’t manage to kill it, which forces Dany to land on the battlefield, where Jamie decides to charge at her full force. Tyrion arrives and sees what his brother is about to do (which leads to one of his best lines of the season “You fucking idiot.”) The dragon is about to burn Jamie just when Bronn saves him and pushes him off into the lake, which leads to one of the biggest plot holes of the season. There is no way that they could have gotten down stream of the river and away from the battlefield so fast. It just doesn’t make any sense. Dany would have found them immediately.

The writers needed a convenient way for Jamie to get back to King’s Landing immediately and decided to just abandon what could have been an awesome storyline: Jamie could have been imprisoned and Tyrion could have been the one too help him escape, like Jaime did for him when he was accused of the murder of Joffrey. Instead the writers took the easy way out and demanded us to use our sense of disbelief, which happens a lot in season 7 and Game of Thrones wasn’t that type of show in the beginning. There we’re schemers, interesting conversations, a lot of backstabbing but it never really concentrated on epic battles. That wasn’t the point of the show. The point was about the characters and I feel like season 7 sacrificed a lot of what made the show interesting only to focus on the endgame.

Sure, the action set pieces are a lot of fun, but here they often take away from the smaller moments of our favorite characters, which is what Game of Thrones was first about. The first few seasons we’re about the people of Westeros and now it’s just about Westeros and I get it but sometimes I do miss the intriguing plotlines and the schemes and the political drama that made Game of Thrones such a great show to watch. It feels like now that the show has this little amount of episodes, it has been a bit compromised and the quality has somehow diminished. Does this mean I’m not going to watch the final season? Not at all. But I do feel that the show has gone down in quality after season 4 and let’s keep in mind that a mediocre season of Game of Thrones is still the best thing on TV, so there that is.

But by far the most pointless storyline of the season I feel is the fellowship of the north, that go beyond the wall in order to find one undead so that they can bring it back to Cersei. Their plan is extremely ridiculous and pointless. Even if Cersei sees the undead corpse, there is no guarantee that she’ll agree to a truce. She’s a stubborn bitch and won’t ally with anyone, so why would she, even if the end of the world is coming? Some would say it was worth a try, but by going to the other side of the wall, Dany even looses a dragon in the process. The only thing that their plan did was make her believe in the undead (but couldn’t she just have flown across the north until she had seen them instead of putting herself on the line the way she did? I’m sure Bran could have told her the exact spot of where some of them we’re).

There’s just a lot of convenience in this episode. Gendry runs back to the wall in a really short amount of time (grant it they’d only been walking for a couple of hours but nobody can run that fast, that long in the snow during a blizzard), but I can put that aside. What I can’t buy, is a raven arriving to Dragonstone in just a few hours to Dany so that she can bring all three of her dragons and ride all the way to the other side of the Wall. In previous seasons, the show has told us that for a character to get from point A to point B it would take him at least half a season or a season for some cases. There is no way Dany could have gotten there in that short amount of time. It doesn’t make any sense; it’s way too convenient and it just tells me that this is sloppy writing. Also the white walkers, has spears, so why doesn’t he just throw them at Jon Snow or at the fellowship? He’s obviously a great thrower since he can kill a dragon. But I digress.

It was still awesome seeing the dragon turn to ice, which is something we’ve never seen before in the show and that thing is going to wreck some shop. The episode “Beyond The Wall” was still entertaining enough, despite it’s flaws. It had great banter between the main characters and exciting action set pieces even if most of it felt extremely rushed.

The Finale of this season “The Dragon and the wolf” is by far the season’s best episode. There’s a lot packed in it, so I’m going to try and cover most of what happened. Just about every character gather in King’s Landing show up (except for Sansa, Arya, Littlefinger, Melisandre and Varys who aren’t present)in order to show the undead to Cersei in the hopes that she agrees to a truce. It’s so great seeing everyone together who has mostly been apart since the beginning of the show.

Almost everyone has his or her moment. It was great seeing Tyrion and Podrick reunite and that interesting conversation between Clegane and the mountain. Jaime and Brienne also have a great moment together (we really have not been getting enough of Brienne lately) and even Euron Greyjoy says something wonderful to Theon (Sarcasm of course). The Hound shows everyone the undead corpse and the reactions are what Jon and Dany we’re hoping for, fear. Despite this, Cersei refuses a truce (like I knew she would) since Jon won’t accept to bend the knee, since he declares he’s already done so to Dany. Tyrion decides to go talk to Cersei after Jamie tells him he’s already talked to her and that it’s pointless. Tyrion goes to talk to her anyway and luckily Cersei still has a bit of decency in her not to kill her own blood. Tyrion discovers that Cersei is pregnant (Is she really?) and manages to change her mind as she goes and tells the others. However, she later tells Jamie that it was all a lie and that she plans to be a part of no truce. Jamie finally decides to leave her, to go where I’m not sure but I’m hoping Winterfell so he can be together with Brienne.

Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Arya is about to be judge in front of everyone for her crimes. She comes in front of Lady Sansa, Bran and Littlefinger and all the lords of Winterfell where Sansa slowly and quietly reveals that it is in fact Littlefinger who is about to be judged for his crimes. Littlefinger begs for his life but Sansa has had enough and let’s Arya slice his throat.

While I haven’t been a fan of how the writers orchestrated this storyline (they could have found a way to wrap this up much earlier on in the season, but they needed some kind of conflict at Winterfell) the payoff was extremely satisfying even if I predicted that it was going to happen, since their chicanery made no sense. All they had to do was to talk to each other instead of backstabbing each other with a rivalry that was based on the past, instead of them working together and learning from previous mistakes, which thank god that’s what happened. Baelish was a great character on the show, but his storyline is done. There’s nowhere to go from here and the writers ended it at just about the right time too. Everyone did a fantastic job in this scene and it was one of the highlights of the season.

We also finally get the confirmation from Bran about Jon’s lineage. He is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rheagar Targarian who married in secret, making Jon Snow both a Stark and a Targaryen, which also makes him Aegon Targeryen—Azor Ahai—the king that was promised—the rightful heir to the throne. (If Ned Stark would have told him this in the very first episode, Jon would probably never have gone to the wall). It’s interesting to see how they both react to this news, since Dany is Jon Snow’s Aunt, be it a very, very hot aunt, but his aunt nonetheless.

This information could create some tension between Dany and Jon since now both are heirs to the Iron Throne, although Jon right now doesn’t want anything to do with it. It will be interesting to see if he changes his mind. Unaware of this, Jon and Dany decide to finally have sex, as Tyrion sees them both enter their bedroom (and probably Bran watches them as well since he can see everything).

In the epilogue of the episode, Tormund and Beric are at the wall, at Eastwatch, just when the dead arrive and the dragon blows the entire wall with blue flames. Part of the wall collapses which allows the Whitewalkers to march past the wall and onto Westeros.

Overall, this was still a really good season of Game of Thrones despite it’s flaws and rushed storytelling. Some questions we’re answered and some we’re raised and now that we are at the final season of the series, it will be exciting too see the final battle between fire and ice and which side will win.

Season Rating: B+

Questions Left for next season:

How will Jon Snow and Dany react to their parentage?

Who will end up on the Iron Throne?

Are Tormund and Beric dead?

Who will kill Cersei, Jaime or Tyrion?

What’s Bran place in all of this and how will he help?

What’s going on with Melisandre and why did she say Varys’s faith was to die in Westeros?

Will the White Walkers be defeated and who will survive?


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