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Spiderman: Homecoming Review

Spiderman Homecoming is now the second Spiderman reboot and a collaboration between Marvel and Sony studios and stars Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya and Marissa Tomei. Spiderman is now apart of the MCU for the first time and this is the best film in the franchise since Raimi’s Spiderman 2.

Tom Holland is great here as both Peter Parker and Spiderman. He captures the mannerisms of a young teenager that would also be a superhero and of course he isn’t able to tell anyone that he’s actually Spiderman.

Michael Keaton plays one of the best and most memorable villains in the MCU, which is something that they haven’t been totally nailing aside from Loki and Winter Soldier. But Michael Keaton is such an incredible actor that brings such a complexity to The Vulture that you wouldn’t expect from watching any of the trailers. He’s menacing, maniacal but also has great motivation for doing the things that he’s doing.

Spiderman has never been this young and never had this kind of tone before. And while the highschool setting was fine, the movie did beat you over the head with the John Hughes feel and the campy Marvel jokes. That is probably my main problem with Homecoming. It focuses too much on the highschool elements of the movie and less on Peter Parker’s life with Aunt May (Marissa Tomei is absolutely great as this character). A lot of scenes of the movie are dedicated to the tournament that the kids are supposed to have and it just feels like it drags the movie. The pacing wasn’t always on point and sometimes it just feel like you’re waiting for the next action scene. The film does drag, but the action scenes are fun and exciting. One action scene in Washington D.C. does stand above the rest which was really great and my favorite part of the movie. It had tension; suspense and I actually wondered if things we’re going to work out. Best scene in the entire film by far. There’s also one that takes place on a cruise, which does end abruptly but it’s exciting when it goes down. There’s also a nice twist that you don’t see coming because it’s so out of left feel it’s impossible to predict and I got to give them props for taking the film in that direction.

This film however has a hard time branching out from the other Spiderman movies or Marvel films that come before it. It plays it safe and close to the vest and while it can be a good thing since the other 3 preceding Spiderman films we’re way too convoluted and messy, this movie doesn’t do anything all that new or inventive enough to justify it’s existence but it’s nice to finally see Spiderman back with Marvel, which does lie in the pros and cons of this film.

There is also an attempt to start creating the Sinister Six since there are multiple villains, but there are used in a very small capacity and they work in this film. The Vulture, Shocker and The Scorpion (played by Better Call Saul and Quebecois actor Michael Mando) are also in this film, but both have small roles and exist for the building of the future of the new Spidey-Universe under Marvel. This can be interesting for the future since we’ve never seen a Sinister Six movie, but it could also fail like Suicide Squad.

Donald Glover’s role is also extremely limited in this movie, but one would guess that he will be more important in future movies if they picked an actor of his caliber to play the part.

Zendaya is really good in this film and while her character wasn’t in it much, she had good chemistry with the rest of the cast. The inclusion of Robert Downey Jr and John Favreau I also thought was completely unnecessary and they we’re kind of a distraction. It would have been better if the movie would have focused solely on Spiderman and not have to worry about franchise building.

Overall, Spiderman: Homecoming is a purely entertaining fun movie that has exciting action scenes, but doesn’t really offer anything new or all that interesting to the Spiderman mythos and sticks to the Marvel formula and doesn’t really offer anything else in the process.

Rating: B



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