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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016

2016 has not been a great year for movies. The summer was terrible and it was the fall movies that saved 2016 for being a total disaster. While we’re not going to agree with every movie on this list, here are my personal top 10 most hated of 2016. I’d also give dishonourable mentions to X-Men Apocalypse, The Boy, The Forest, Morgan, Free State of Jones, The Legend of Tarzan, Cell, Finding Dory, Hail, Ceaser! and London Has Fallen. Without any further ado, here we go.

10.Batman V Superman

Before you say I’m a DC hater, The Dark Knight trilogy is in my top 10 films of all time and I loved Watchmen. This was my second most anticipated movie of the entire year after Rogue One and it disappointed me to no end. Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are by far the best part as Batman and Wonder Woman, but Henry Cavill has nothing to do as Superman. His character is given little time to grow or develop and it’s too bad because I really enjoyed Man of Steel. Bruce Wayne doesn’t have much to do expect to pout and kill people in this film which is never explain or delved into and it changes his entire character which completely pissed me off. He also doesn’t even investigate Superman or Zod. He just decides that Superman is bad even though he is supposed to be the world’s best detective. Jessie Eisenberg is completely miscast as Lex Luthor and Doomsday is just an uninteresting dumb brute that doesn’t even look good on screen which makes him another pointless villain. The Martha moment is probably the dumbest moment of the entire year in any big budget film and the ending is just a complete bait and switch that has no impact since we don’t have time to get attached to the characters. This is a Justice League prequel and it just can’t be a good movie on it’s own. It needs to build the entire blocks of the DC cinematic universe by showing us an email with top secret videos of the entire Justice League members. Oscar Worthy script right here. And the extended version doesn’t fix any of these problems. It just makes the movie longer.


Another pointless remake. When will Hollywood learn? Why did this movie had to happen? The classic rendition of Ben-Hur is a classic and there was no way that this movie could top it and it didn’t. This movie had two great actors giving it their all and more than it deserves but the script and direction are not up to par with their performances. And the ending has to be one of the worst endings of the entire year. Preachy and utterly implausible in every way.

8.Bad Moms

This is a movie that got more and more stupid as it went on. No characters are likeable and it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The movie is extremely unfunny and none of the characters feel real. They feel like cartoons and while I like Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate, they we’re not good in this movie. This movie was a complete waste of time from the get go and I hated myself watching it.

7.The Girl on The Train

This movie tries so much to be Gone Girl that it’s laughable. They did a terrible job adapting the book, which I hear is quite good. The worst part is I’m a fan of all these actresses. I love Emily Blunt, Hayley Bennet and Rebecca Ferguson, but the script is just terrible and the direction is uninspired, which makes this movie one of the biggest misfires of the entire year.

6.Central Intelligence

This movie had two things going against it, The Rock and Kevin Heart. I’m not a fan of both but I decided to give the movie a chance. I think The Rock is overrated and he is nowhere the action star that Arnold was back in the 80s and Kevin Heart does the same thing over and over again. It was painfully unfunny and the story came across as cartoonish and paper thin and it barely made me laugh and if the main goal of a comedy is too make you laugh, then this one missed the mark entirely.

5.Secret Life of Pets

This is one of the laziest animated films of the entire year. It’s a Toy Story rip-off, which is really offensive. That’s all it is. Toy Story is my favorite animated film of all time. It follows the same tropes. Another dog arrives that makes the original dog jealous just like Woody and Buzz. They get lost in the city. Some boring stuff happens. There’s even a scene where animals drive a truck in the city just like in Toy Story. This movie is lazy, uninspired and will appeal only to very young kids.

4.Independence Day: Resurgence 

Independence Day: Resurgence

While I didn’t loathe this movie like some people did and I didn’t hate myself watching it, it’s definitely not a good movie. The acting is horrendous, the plot is stupid, the action is dumb, (but there is a part of my brain that was slightly entertained). Jeff Goldblum is by far the best part of this disaster flick and even he can’t save this mess. But the biggest sin that this movie makes is that it finishes on a cliffhanger. Fuck no. We’re not dumb. There’s no way we’re coming back for a sequel.

3.The Purge: Anarchy

This is a franchise that needs to die. The first two we’re already bad movies and this is the worst of the bunch. Horribly acted and just plain stupid, this film also has the most annoying character of the entire year: Candy Bar Girl. This character is pointless and the actress who plays her is absolutely terrible. This is a storyline that the filmmakers feel the need to get back to for absolutely no reason whatsoever and it pissed me off. The acting, the story, the characters in this film are all terrible. The ending is ludicrous. Don’t see this movie. It’s a waste of time and brain cells.

2.Hardcore Henry

If you play a ton of first person video games, then this is probably the movie for you and this might be the best video game movie you’ve ever seen. But for me it was simply torture. There’s no story, no character development and the action scenes are filmed to shit. It’s an extremely messy movie and the villain doesn’t have a motivation. This script is absolutely terrible. The only saving grace that this movie has is Haley Bennet, who just about makes anything watchable.

1.Suicide Squad

Okay. This is it. My number one most hated movie of the year. I know some of you will say it’s not that bad or I enjoyed it. To me sitting through this movie was torture. None of the characters we’re developed, the script was dogshit, the tone was all over the place and The Joker, which is played by a terrific actor was barely developed and he barely has any screen time even though he was the focus in all the marketing and all the trailers. This movie was a giant music video where none of the songs fitted the actual scenes and it kept playing like a mix tape that never stops. The action was dumb, the plot was even stupider and the villain was completely laughable. I’m no longer interested in the DC cinematic universe and the upcoming movies need to be great in order to win me back on board. This is by far my most hated film of the year and I’m glad if you like it. I personally don’t.

Now, I know that we’re not gonna agree on everything that’s on this list. A lot of people enjoyed Suicide Squad and BVS and a lot of people didn’t which is perfectly fine. 2016 has been a divisive year to say the least. Let me know what your personal top 10 worst films of 2016 are.


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