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Silence Review

This is the year of Andrew Garfield. He was Oscar Worthy in Hacksaw Ridge and he is again here as is everyone in this beautiful and thought-provoking film that took Martin Scorsese over twenty five years to make and you can tell watching this film with the amount of love and care that he gives. This movie is brilliantly directed and emotionally profound and stays with you long after it is over.

Silence tells the story of two Christian priests who must face the ultimate test when they travel to Japan in the 17th century in order to save their mentor from a terrible fate, at the time where Christianity was illegal and forbidden.

Martin Scorsese beautifully directs this film with passion and maintenance and this is by far one of his best directed films to date. It looks beautiful; the film is helmed by the same cinematographer from The Wolf of Wall Street and the cinematography is gorgeous. Every shot is beautifully composed and directed. There are only a handful of directors that could have made this movie and Martin Scorsese is on the top of the list. He directed the hell out of this movie and you have to give the guy major props. Please don’t retire, keep making movies because you’re great at it.

The entire cast here is amazing. Andrew Garfield is wonderful. He is the main character and he has the most complexity as everything he is devoted too is stripped and taken from him. Adam Driver is also incredible in this film as well as Liam Neeson, who isn’t in it much but has an integral part. All three actors deliver caliber performances and all three of them deserve to be nominated.

Now this movie is hard to watch. Not because it’s long (it is but that’s not the point). It’s extremely violent and grotesque at times and if you can’t handle torture scenes than do not watch this movie. There are scenes in this movie that will stick with you long after you’ve seen the film. It has staying power and it will disturb you if you have a weak stomach. This movie is disturbing and completely unsettling and that is what makes Silence so powerful.

Overall, Silence is a master class in direction by Martin Scorsese with incredible performances and powerful visuals that will stay with you long after the movie is over.

Rating: A


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