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The Accountant Review

Ben Affleck is now Batfleck and he is at the top of his career. While I did not enjoy Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad, he is however terrific as Batman and I couldn’t wait to see him in another action role in The Accountant.

The film follows an incredibly smart accountant, diagnosed with autism and makes his living by investigating the books of dangerous criminal organizations.

Gavin O’Connor superbly directs this film as well as the action sequences, making them feel all real and in the moment and while this isn’t a typical Hollywood action movie per se, it is very much so a thriller that has great performances and a great screenplay.

Ben Affleck gives one of his best performances here. He’s incredibly smart and incredibly good at what he does, which is tracking down shady organizations and shooting at things. He is Oscar Worthy in this film and I was more impressed with his performance in this movie than him as Batman.

Anna Kendrick is also very good in this film and while she doesn’t have a lot of screen time, her chemistry between Ben Affleck is really good and seeing their relationship grow is by far the best part of this movie.

J.K. Simons is also really good as this cop who is trying to track down Ben Affleck and who hires young analyst Marybeth played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson who has done some jail time and wants her to identify The Accountant for him so that they can arrest him. These two have some good back and forth with one another, while it’s a bit of an added subplot that it feels a bit out of place and it doesn’t really hit perhaps as much as they wanted it too and it feels a bit like it didn’t need to be in the movie.

Jon Bernthal plays the same character he always plays and it’s starting to really annoy me. He’s the tough foul-mouth guy that doesn’t take crap from anyone. He was good as The Punisher because it was the perfect character for him, but beyond that he plays the same character in everything and while his storyline does have a satisfying payoff, it would have been better with a more accomplished actor.

Overall, The Accountant is a fantastic thriller that has great performances and terrific action sequences and proves that Ben Affleck can still kick ass and still be a fantastic actor in the process.

Rating: A-




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