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Black Mirror Season 3 Spoilers Review

Black Mirror season 3 recently premiered on Netflix with six episodes in total. While none of the episodes have surpassed the brilliance that was White Christmas was, I’ve felt that the first half was a lot stronger than the second, but overall it’s a damn great season. Every episode feels like a different genre and almost every actor is superbly cast in every role. Like previous, each episode focuses on the bad side of technology in our every day lives.

Episode 1: Nosedive


The first episode focuses on Lacie Pound (Bryce Dallas Howard) who lives in a world where anyone can rate you by just a simple encounter from a stranger. Lucie currently has a rating of 4.2 and in order to get twenty percent of the condo she is trying purchase, she must become a 4.5. and is advised to interact with more highly ranked people. Her old friend Naomi contacts her and asks her to be a maid of honor at her wedding, to which she gladly accepts and embarks on a journey in order to say a heartfelt speech to everyone who attends. Little does she know how horrible her journey is going to become.

This episode is by far the best of the season. The premise is fantastic and while I’ve never thought that Bryce Dallas Howards was a good actress, she’s bland in everything she’s been in (Lady in the Water, The Village, Jurassic World) but she’s absolutely fantastic here. The direction of the episode is absolutely terrific and it actually feels that it takes place somewhere else, almost as if it’s not real and they’re in The Truman Show, all of them living fake lives that are not really their own. While it’s really depressing knowing that society can ultimately become this way, the episode realistically depicts a modern future that could actually happen, which is what makes this episode so terrifying.

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 2: Playtest

Black Mirror S1 EP5-6

This episode follows the character of Cooper (Wyatt Russell) who is a wandering traveller and travels throughout Europe. While visiting London, he meets a woman named Sonja who tells him of SaitoGemu, a company that develops virtual reality video games. He then meets his employer in a white room, who wants him to test a new technology that the company has and Cooper accepts after secretly taking some pictures of one of their inventions and sends it back to Sonja, unaware that there are cameras in the room. He then meets Shou who runs the company who tells him about this new horror game that they are developing which is made to scare him. His employers ask him to sign a form and they also inject a black piece of technology in the back of his head. Cooper agrees and his employer takes him to a mansion identical to the one that appeared in another SaitoGemu video game. She gives him an earpiece in order to communicate through the game before leaving him alone. After a couple of scary visions and hallucinations, Cooper slowly realizes that he is in way more than he bargained for.

This episode felt like a good horror film that had a low budget feel to it but also had great scares and compelling characters, something that big budget studio films sometimes lack off. This episode was incredibly well acted and directed and the story was interesting and it kept you guessing until the end.

This episode felt like a good horror film that had a low budget feel to it but also had great scares and compelling characters, something that big budget studio films sometimes lack off. This episode was incredibly well acted and directed and the story was interesting and it kept you guessing until the end.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 3: Shut up and Dance


This is without a doubt the most depressing episode of the entire season. It’s almost hard to watch at times just because how bad the situation gets for this kid who is blackmailed by unknown hacker after being recorded masturbating in front of his computer. He is then forced to do various tasks throughout the episode and meets Hector played superbly by Jerome Flynn (from Game of Thrones). While during the episode you constantly scratch your head why on earth this kid would rob a bank or do the things he did, the ending twist completely makes you understand why he accepted to do all those things and it leaves you cold and disturbed and just feeling icky. While this is a fantastic episode, it’s a hard one to watch.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 4: Sam Junipero

Black Mirror

This episode is by far the weakest of the season in my opinion. It just didn’t really grab like the other three had. The story was fine and the actresses we’re okay. The writing was also just fine and nothing in this episode really stood out.

The episode follows two women, who meet in a bar one night and for recent arrivals Yorkie and Kelly, who meet and fall in love, it’s going to change their lives forever…

The relationship between the two women felt kind of forced and sappy, which is something this show never does. I never felt like the two leads had any chemistry with one another and I didn’t buy their relationship. The episode’s theme also didn’t really grab and it didn’t really explore the bad side of technology that much like the previous three had. It’s actually a pretty good side of technology, where people can actually be their young selves for the rest of time. While not bad, this episode was really underwhelming.

Rating: 6/10

5. Men against Fire

Black Mirror

This episode follows a soldier in the army who battles a threat knows as “Roaches,” who are zombie-like creatures that have mutated after a biological weapon has gone off in a previous war. Stripe (Malachi Kurbi) is infected by what seems to be a device after flashing it in his face. He then sees a hidden truth about the “Roaches” not previous seen before… While this episode had a lot of action and it almost felt like The Walking Dead at times, it also had some slow parts and the characters weren’t super likeable so it was a bit hard to get into the episode. The effects of the creatures we’re fantastic and the direction was really good. Sarah Snook for Predestination is amazing in this episode and she plays a bitch that has no mercy for the roaches and is bewildered when Stripe starts acting differently towards them. Overall, a really good episode, not the best of the season, but still a blast.

Rating: 8.5/10

6. Hated in the Nation


The season finale might be the most relevant episode of the season, but it does have some pros and cons. It touches on the bad side of social media and it also demonstrates how badly bees are important to society. This episode follows Detective Karin Parke (Boardwalk Empire) and her partner Blue who investigate the murder of journalist Jo Powers, who has been murdered by a bee also known as an Autonomous Drone Insect (ADI) that has entered her brain. Bees have now been instinct and are replaced by these artificial insects. Parke discovers that Jo has been targeted on social media by the hash tag #DeathTo used against people who become public hate figures. The detectives soon learn that someone targets the victims and sends the bees to kill them.

While this episode is suspenseful, it does a bit beat you over the head with its message, which is not very subtle. Nobody would keep reading hate messages on the internet where people tells you to go kill yourself over and over again. The part where they also take the second target to the safe house in the middle of the country is also really dumb. They know that killer bees are out to kill her, so they bring her to a house that can easily be reached by flying insects and invaded. It was stupid and it didn’t make sense.

We also don’t know how Blue tracks down the killer at the end who manages to escape which felt like a tacked on edition or a deleted scene. It would have been perhaps even more impactful if the killer had actually gotten away, but we don’t really know what happens. Does Blue arrest him? Does the kill her and escape? We’ll never know and the finale scene of the episode does bug me a bit. However, the twist when it is revealed that the players we’re the actual targets was heartfelt and it gave an emotional punch to the episode as you’re watching half of London being taken out just from a click from a computer. It was a good payoff to this episode and seeing the dead bodies at the end made it all the more tragic.

Rating: 8/10

Overall, this was a fantastic season. While none of the episodes surpassed the greatness that was White Christmas, Nosedive came close. The first half is stronger than the second, but nevertheless this show is a much watch.

Overall Season Rating: 9/10


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