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Top 10 Things that Happened in Between Star Wars Movies


10.Count Dooku Had an Apprentice Named Asajj Ventress


Count Dooku has been training a secret apprentice named Asajj Ventress, a Night Sister, who is also from Dathromir, the same planet where Maul is from. Asajj is a powerful Sith and force wielder who is loyal and fierce, but she is then betrayed by Dooku after The Emperor learns of her existence and commands him to kill her. Her fate is shown in the fantastic novel Dark Disciple, in which she becomes romantically attracted to the Jedi Vos.

9.Vader Learns of Skywalker’s Name From Boba Fett


In Star Wars issue #6, Vader learns of Luke’s last name by no other than Boba Fett himself who comes and delivers the news. The scene is perhaps one of the best in all the new canon comics and Darth Vader, angered and frustrated, cracks the window of his ship. Luckily for Boba Fett, he leaves the room just before Vader unleashes his fury. The scene is powerful and beautifully done by writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday.

8.Han Had “a Wife” Named Sana Solo


Sana Starros was a human female who claimed to be married to Han Solo who denies his involvement in the marriage. She travelled across the galaxy in search of Han, from Tatoinne to the Monsua Nebula, in order to find him. The marriage was part of their scam in order to pull of a robbery. While we still don’t know what happened to her, it will be interesting to see if their relationship is further developed in the Han Solo movie.

7.Anakin Had an Apprentice Named Ashoka


She never appeared in the prequels, but Ashoka becomes Anakin’s apprentice at the beginning of the Clone Wars until she leaves the Jedi Order (her journey will be told in the novel Ashoka) and reapers in Rebels to learn that her master has tragically turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. Her final showdown between Vader in season 2 puts her fate in question, but don’t worry Ashoka fans, there is still hope for her yet.

6.Leia Has Been Practicing The Force After Return of the Jedi


While we know that Leia has become a general in The Force Awakens and that she isn’t a Jedi knight, we learn that in LifeDebt that she has been tuning in the force and learning a few things from Luke. The Ewok Wicket also has given her a tree of Endor. It’s nice to know that these too have a bond for what they experienced together in Return of the Jedi. While Leia will never be as powerful in the force as Luke, she is one of the few force sensitive people out there in the galaxy.

5.The Senate Learns the Horrible Truth of Leia’s Parentage 6 Years before The Force Awakens


Leia’s terrible secret of her father being Darth Vader has been kept secret for decades. But when Lady Carise finds a recorded message from Bail Organa who tells Leia the horrible truth that has been sealed inside a music box. Lady Carise decides to visit Ransolm Casterfo who is friends with Leia and tells him Leia’s terrible secret. Later, Senator Varish nominates Leia on behalf of the populists as the first Senator in the presence of the Galactic Senate. However, Ransolm objects to her nomination and informs everyone at the senate that she is the daughter of Darth Vader, instead of telling what her beforehand. As proof, Casterfo shows the senate the music box and Bail Organa’s recording. With the senate in pandemonium, Leia admits that Darth Vader was her father. Feeling upset by her friend’s betrayal,  Leia then looses the support of the senate and only has the support of her husband, close friends and Lando but has no word yet of Luke who is training Ben Solo and the rest of the Jedi Padawans. This reveal plays a lot in The Force Awakens, since she is no longer called Princess of Alderaan and doesn’t have the approval of the senate, and when Starkiller Base blows up Hosnian Prime, which is the capital of the New Republic, it will be interesting to see how the resistance will survive this major blow in episode 8. Leia eventually regrets keeping the information between her, Han and Luke and not telling Ben Solo, which was probably one of the factors that made him turn to the dark side.

4.Luke Gave a Force Tree to Poe Dameron’s Mom


One of the most puzzling things that the new canon has introduced are these damn force trees that are mentioned in Shattered Empire which takes place in between Return of the Jedi and Force Awakens. After the battle of Endor, Luke gives a force tree to Poe Dameron’s mom, Shara Bey, who died six years after the battle of Endor. While we don’t what these force trees are, they perhaps indicate that maybe Poe Dameron is force sensitive. We will obviously learn more about these in future comics, novels and movies.

3.The Emperor Has Been Searching For Something on Jakku

Star Wars: The Force Awakens..Ph: Film Frame..?Lucasfilm 2015

FAIR WARNING SPOILERS FOR LIFEDEBT DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE BOOK: We learn in the epilogue that Palpatine was on Jakku 30 years prior of The Force Awakens, talking to a young Gallius Rax who is now in charge of the empire and nicknamed “The Operator.” This clearly means that Jakku was not the mere junkyard we all thought. What we didn’t know is what The Emperor was searching for something on the desert planet. Was it Rey’s staff, which could turn out to be Darth Plagueis? Was it Snoke? Or was it the origin of the darkside itself? These questions will perhaps be answered in Chuck Wendig’s conclusion to the aftermath trilogy, Empire’s End.

2.Grand Admiral Thrawn is Now Canon


Grand Admiral Thrawn, who appeared in Timothy Zahn’s amazing Thrawn trilogy is now canon in Rebels season 3 and will become a furious opponent for Kanan, Ezra and the crew. Grand Admiral Thrawn is perhaps the smartest tactician in the entire Imperial regime and can destroy an entire army by just studying their culture. Thrawn is one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe and so far he has been well realized on screen.

1.Darth Maul Lives


Maul was by far the best part of the prequels and he should have been the main villain of the entire trilogy. Instead, he got chopped in half by Obiwan. Right? Wrong. He survived the fall, got spider legs and wants revenge against the Jedi, the Sith and everyone that did him wrong. He also has a brother named Savage Opress and both come from the sinister planet of Dathromir. Darth Maul is given a backstory in Clone wars, a motivation and a clear driving force in Rebels which makes him one of the best villains in the Star Wars universe. One can only hope that a final confrontation between Maul and Obiwan will eventually take place on Tatoinne.


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