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Rogue One Trailer Review

The trailer is finally here… and it’s amazing. Star Wars: Rogue One looks beautifully shot, incredibly well acted and the atmosphere looks dark and grim, but there is also humor in there as well. This movie looks like the prequel we deserve.

We see a lot of new shots in this trailer. We get a lot of team interaction of the rebels, who are on the desperate mission to capture the plans of the death star. We see a lot of new planets which we have never seen before. I’m pretty sure that some of these are Alderaan and Jedah, two new worlds of which we have never laid eyes on. It would be so great to see Alderaan for the very first time, which will give us so much more impact when Leia sees it blowing up in A New Hope.


Felicity Jones looks so great as Jyn Erso and looks like she’s gonna be another badass female character like Leia and Rey. Felicity Jones is a terrific actress and while her lines so far haven’t been great (This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel). I have no doubt that she is going to be great and another badass female action hero. I can’t wait to get her action figure. We don’t know why she has been entrusted this mission, or what her special skills are. All we know is that she is being released from her shackles in order to help the rebellion steal the death star plans.

We get a voice over from Forest Whitaker’s character who tells Jyn Erso that the world has become undone and that imperial flags have taken over the galaxy.


We get more shots of Star Destroyers above cities as well as in space. We don’t know what this planet is. It could be Jedah. But whatever it’s name is, we know that the imperials have taken control over it.


Donnie Yenn looks like a badass like he usually is and he seems like he is super capable in defending himself even though he is blind. He is a force user, after all. The rest of the crew of the rebels looks great as well. We know that he fears nothing and he weilds the force really well.


We also get a new shot of the new droid that will help them on their mission. He makes the same jokes as C3PO, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the same character. So people should just chill out and wait before they call him a C3P0 rip-off.


It’s great to see the death star again and seeing it so close on a planet’s atmosphere is absolutely terrifying. It demonstrates how powerful this station is to us once again and how important it is for the rebels to blow it up. We also see the Death Star upside down (How on earth did that happen?)  hovering above a desert planet, which looks absolutely beautiful and we have never seen this before in other Star Wars films which is brilliant.


We see Ben Mendelsohn’s character and he looks menacing as hell. He looks so great and hopefully he will be a bit like Thrawn.  He’s going to be smart and one of the most important players in the empire. We also hear the Death Star sirens which immidiately brings you back to 1977. The sound is perfect in this trailer.


There’s also a fantastic shot of the Death Star blocking the sun, kind of like an eclipse while we hear Jyn Erso say “Everyday they grow stronger.” Hearing the Star Wars theme and the Imperial March made me, oh so, so happy. Rogue One might be terrible but it will at least look great. I enjoyed the beggining and ending of Godzilla, but the middle of it is a giant mess. Hopefully Gareth Edward’s vision for Rogue One is fantastic.


We also get an awesome shot of a rebel firing at an AT-AT, which looks so fucking cool. It’s so great to see an AT-AT again, something we have only see in rebels in the new canon. This looks like its going to be a war film something that they had promised to us on the day this thing was announced at celebration. Those reshoots rumors can offcially be put to rest.


The shots of the rebels storming a beach looks so fucking cool and right out of Saving Private Ryan. It looks like this movie is going to have so much energy ingected into it its gonna be insane. I still wonder if we’re gonna see a lightsaber at some point even though all the jedies have been extinct.


We also see Jyn Erso about to face an incoming Tie Fighter on some sort of bridge. We have no idea who is in it, whether it’s a Tie Fighter pilot or Vader himself (I know it’s not his TIE, but he can always borrow one if he was in dire need to catch the rebels scum). But it’s my favorite shot in the entire trailer. It looks beautiful.


And now the money shot at the end, which lasts about three seconds. The back of Vader’s helmet. Thank goodness Hayden Christensen doesn’t play him again and James Earl Jones voices him. Hearing him speak as Vader again will be so fucking great.


Overall, this was the perfect trailer for Disney to show in order to please hardcore fans like myself and casual movie fans as well and informed them what this movie is by putting Vader in that finale shot. It also gave us more details on the story, characters and their mission against the empire. Seeing this trailer, nobody will think that this is a sequel to The Force Awakens anymore which is what this trailer had to do to get everybody on board. And boy, did it succeed. Is it December yet?
Trailer Rating: A


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