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Suicide Squad Review

DC has not been hitting out of the park lately. They started off their universe strong with Man of Steel, which is in my opinion the best Superman movie we have to date and did the character justice. And then came Batman V Superman, which was one of the biggest disappointments of my movie-going life. And now comes Suicide Squad, which I was cautiously optimistic for and which is written and directed by David Ayer and stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis and Jay Courtney.

Suicide Squad centers on a team of villains whom to prevent a worldwide catastrophe, are recruited by Amanda Waller and are forced to save the world from an evil entity, despite them being criminals and must now band together and save the day.

First off, this movie is a mess. It’s way too colorful for it’s own good for starters, like Batman and Robin. The style does not fit for the overall dark tone of this film. The jokes, which clearly feel forced in, don’t work at all and they feel tagged, which must have happened with the reshoots. There is also a pop song in almost every scene and none of them fit the scene at all. It was like an overlong music video that was had all flash but no substance.

The script of this film is horrendous. The dialogue is so awful it’s cringe-worthy at times. There’s a scene at a bar near the end that feels so out of place it almost came out of 1999’s Godzilla. The structure of this movie is god-awful. It’s messy, clumsy and barely makes sense. The villain is atrocious and her motivation is barely explained. The team should have gone after The Joker. He should have been the main villain of this film and he’s barely in it which was a huge letdown since all the marketing was centered around Leto’s Joker.

The performances are mostly nonsexist with the exception of Will Smith as Deadshot, who plays Will Smith but he has the most backstory and you can sort of get behind his character because he is the most fleshed out. We barely know anything about Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang or Diablo. They’re barely developed at all and have no chemistry whatsoever. Jay Courtney is so terrible in this film. He should not be an actor. Viola Davis was a good Amander Waller and her character is really despicable and it’s hard to get behind what she’s doing but you understand why she’s doing it. There’s also way too much explanatory scenes and the movie keeps telling us the audience about these character rather than showing it too us with compelling storytelling. It’s very lazy writing.

The relationship between Harley and The Joker is a miss. Their chemistry is fine, but their origin story just doesn’t give you any emotional punch to have you invested in their characters. The Joker is barely in the movie and pops in the most random moments and doesn’t have anything to do in this film, which disappointed me with no end. Margot Robbie is fine as Harley Quinn, but her character had horrible one-liners that just seemed forced. Jared Leto has left me a bit disappointed as The Joker. He doesn’t have that much to do and he barely stands out. He kind of felt like a waste to be honest.

The editing is all over the map as well. There’s a scene where a character falls from a helicopter on her back and lands on her feet, which makes absolutely no sense at all. The ending of this film is overblown, bloated and resembles other bunch of comic book movies that happened recently (cough* X-Men: Apocalypse cough*). It’s awful too look at, pointless and way too long. This entire movie is way too long for it’s own good.

Batman does have a cameo (Is it just me or has his costume change look and now resembles more Christian Bales from The Dark Knight trilogy?) and his part in this film is very minimal, but it’s probably my favorite part of this movie, although it makes you wonder why they didn’t hire him to go after the villain in the first place?  Or any of the Justice League for that matter. The evil entity was a threat to the entire world. They didn’t give us any compelling reasons why the characters did the things they did. I just want to see Ben Affleck in a great Batman standalone movie. We just haven’t gotten that yet.

I found this film to be a bloated mess with an overabundance of odd music choices that simply did not work for this movie. Overall, Suicide Squad was a huge disappointment and has a terrible script, bloated action scenes and clumsy editing. Not even Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker could save this disaster of a comic book film that now makes me unable to be excited for the future of the DCU.

Rating: D-

Consensus: Avoid it like the plague.





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