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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Review

Is it really better? The short answer, is no. I’ve heard a lot people who have seen this early and who kept saying that the extended cut is night and day better than the original cut and that is something that I will never understand. Is this extended cut an improvement? Yes. It is. But is it better? Not a chance.

It still has all the same script issues. The only additional scenes we see is Clarke Kent investigating Batman and while it gives a bit more depth to Superman and makes his death a bit more meaningful in the end, the film is still plagued with it’s major script issues.

We also get the mysterious character played by Jenna Malone, which is barely in the extended cut. She plays a reporter and she barely has any relevance to the overall picture show I get it why she was cut.

Diana Prince still opens an email (that’s what you thought off, a fucking email?!?!) which is the entire foundation of the Justice League. The fight still abruptly ends when Batman discovers that Superman’s mom is also Martha. He was about to kill him. It’s supposed to be this epic moment and it’s so poorly executed.

Jessie Eisenberg is still a horrible, horrible Lex Luthor and his scenes come off as awkward and just plain weird. The decision to have Doomsday in this movie was so fucking dumb and he should have been a major villain for the Justice League. Instead he is shoehorned in this movie in the last twenty minutes with no relevance to the overall story. There’s even more destruction than at the end of Man of Steel and the fight with Doomsday doesn’t look good at all. And then Wonder Woman shows up, who is the second best part of this film after Ben Affleck’s Batman. And those dreams sequences. First off all, there are way too much in this film, there are like at least 5 of them and none of them make any sense. The nightmare Batman, in which he fights a bunch of criminals in the desert while aliens creature attack, doesn’t even make sense and it’s never explained.

Some people who liked the extended cut have been wondering if Dawn of Justice should have been split into two parts. And my answer to that is absolutely fucking no way in hell. The movie takes two hours and a half to lead into the fight between Batman and Superman, which is disappointing to say the least and the climax is so abrupt that it doesn’t even flow with the rest of the film. Barely anything happens in the majority of this movie’s runtime and splitting the movie into two parts would have made no difference at all.

Overall, BVS extended edition is no better than the original cut. The character of Superman is more fleshed out yes and his sacrifice does have more meaning at the end but the film still has tons of problems and pacing issues and the extended edition doesn’t bring anything new to the table to justify it’s long extended runtime.

 Rating: C+

Consensus: Cable movie at best.



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