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Marvel Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

13.Iron Man 2


By far, the worst of the bunch is Iron Man 2. This film is boring, forgettable and just flat out mediocre. Robert Downey Junior gives it his all as Tony Stark but there are way too many subplots, little action and honestly an extremely boring villain. It also introduces the character of Black Widow for the first time and her character is pretty boring and lifeless in this film. Thank goodness she gets her due in future Marvel movies and becomes one of the most badass female action heroes.

12.Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3 is a Shane Black movie and it’s not an Iron Man film. It doesn’t work as part of the MCU. The twist bogs the entire movie down and makes what could have been an awesome villain a rather pointless and laughable one at that. There is more action than Ironman 2 and it is more entertaining but overall it has a ton of a plot holes ( why doesn’t Tony Stark guard his house with a bunch of his Iron man suits if he knew that the Mandarin would attack but only uses them at the end?) It just doesn’t seem like it’s part of the entire MCU and it suffers from an identity crises and becomes a big mess of a film unfortunately.

11.Thor 2


A rather forgettable and mediocre sequel, Thor 2 does have some good elements but has a terrible villain and it is way too campy. Kat Denning’s character is awful and her comedy is really painful to watch. Natalie Portman isn’t good either and her chemistry with Chris Hensworth is very wooden and they don’t seem in love at all. Not as bad as with Hayden Christensen, but still not good. But the bickering with Loki and Thor makes the movie at least enjoyable and there are some good action sequences.

10.Ant Man


This movie has had a ton of drama. Edgar Wright left and was replaced by Adam McKay. However the final product turns out to be rather decent. Paul Rudd is charismatic as Ant Man and Evangeline Lilly is also fantastic as Hope A.K.A The Wasp. This movie is a lot of fun even though it has some pacing issues and suffers from weird comedic beats that takes away from the gravitas of the situation (which happens a lot now in Marvel movies) and a weak villain.

9.The Incredible Hulk

the incredible hulk

Edward Norton was first cast as Bruce Banner and he did a pretty good job in the role even though reports claim that he was a nightmare to work with which got him kicked off the franchise. Mark Ruffolo is by far the better Hulk but Norton did a good job portraying the character. While the movie has a bit too much CGI and the story isn’t as interesting as some of the other Marvel movies, it’s still a good time and William Hurt and Liv Tyler are good in the supporting roles and for once Tim Roth is an interesting and complex villain and a legit threat to Bruce Banner.

8.Captain America: The First Avenger


The first movie in the Captain America trilogy, the film does Cap’s origins right by putting his character in World War 2 where he belongs. Hugo Weaving is great as the Red Skull (be it, not too menacing since he always flees the scene of the crime when it becomes too dangerous) but in the end is a worthy opponent to Captain America and let’s hope he comes back and aids Thanos in Infinity War.


Thor (2011) Wallpaper 1

The first Thor introduced us to the marvel cosmic universe and it really does a great job by expanding the world. It also gives us the best villain of the cinematic universe with Loki and gives him a great motivation to go against the Avengers. While there is some comedy that doesn’t work, (mostly Kat Dennings related) and Chris Hensworth and Natalie Portman don’t really have good chemistry, it still has great action sequences, a decent story and a hero we can sympathize with since he has been cast down to earth by his father Odin and looses his powers.

6.Avengers: Age of Ultron


While this sequel is nowhere near as good as the original Avengers and it’s a bit of a mess, it’s still a lot of fun. The opening action sequence is terrific and the movie also gives us both Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver and the battle between Iron Man and the Hulk Buster was terrific. Ultron was a good villain but could however have been better and less of a spoiled brat. It’s still a fun film that progresses the story along at the right pace and the climatic battle is really fun to watch.

5.Guardians of The Galaxy


This movie is simply a ton of fun and also it’s really different from the other Marvel movies. We also get a new band of misfits that are coined the Cosmic Avengers which include Starlord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora and Groot. We also get more of Thanos, the big baddy who will wreck havoc in Infinity War. This movie is a ton of fun, filled with great characters and also has a terrific soundtrack and one of the better Marvel villains.

4.Iron Man


The Marvel Universe started with the first Iron Man and it’s also Marvel’s answer to Batman. Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy who gets kidnapped by terrorists who ask him to build a nuclear bomb. Instead, he builds himself an Iron suit and escapes the cave and becomes the vigilante known as Iron Man (how the terrorists did not see that he was clearly not building a nuclear bomb I have no idea). While Jeff Bridges is a weak and forgettable villain, everything else in Iron Man works and the action is amazing, the characters are great and the humor is fresh. It also has one of the best Marvel post credit scenes.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


This movie is awesome and so much better than the first Captain America movie. It’s dark, action packed and puts Captain America at odds with the government and makes him a wanted fugitive.  The Winter Soldier is a fantastic villain and Robert Redford is also terrific in this film. Scarlett Johansson shines as Black Widow and Chris Evans is the best he’s ever been as Captain America. It’s a great spy thriller that has amazing action sequences and introduces us to the Falcon and gives Black Widow a much bigger and much more important role than ever before in the MCU. This movie is absolutely terrific and furthers the story along in the best way possible.

2.The Avengers


Nobody thought that The Avengers would ever happened and yet it did and it was amazing. Seeing the Avengers Assemble during the battle of New York was just incredible to witness and Mark Ruffolo was terrific as The Hulk. Loki still is Marvel’s best villain by far and everyone has got his or her moment to shine in this marvel of a movie. It was absolutely fantastic and Josh Whedon did an amazing job blending in the action as well as the great character moments making this film one of the best theater experience I’ve ever had.

1.Captain America: Civil War


This movie plays as the third installment of the Captain America franchise and while it is kind of Avengers 2.5 and you need to see the other movies before it to fully grasp what is going on, every character’s motivation makes sense and the action is fantastic. The movie introduces the characters of Spiderman and Black Panther in the MCU and does a brilliant job of it. While Tom Holland doesn’t get a lot of screen time, he is amazing as Spiderman and the best since Tobey Mcguire. (We still need to see Spiderman: Homecoming before calling him the best Spidey we’ve ever had). The airport scene is perhaps the best scene in the marvel cinematic universe (calling it the best action scene in cinema history is way to excessive). Tony Stark became the villain of the film in my opinion and I’ll always be team Cap, but like I already stated everyone’s motivations are clear and all of them makes sense and you can understand why every person do what they beleive to be right. Take note Batman V Superman.



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