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Field of Dreams Review

“If you build it, he will come.” Kevin Costner has never been better than in Field of Dreams, a classic film about baseball, but more importantly, life and death. Every one can relate to this movie, even if your not fan of the sport because the movie is about much more than that.

On a beautiful day, farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice inside his head while he walks through his crop field. “If you build it, he will come,” the voice says. Unsure of where this voice comes from and what it means, Ray is perplexed, until he has a vision of a baseball field in his yard. Now knowing that he must build, Ray gets the support of his wife and they build the field together, unsure what this will bring and the magic that it will invoke…

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s so emotionally powerful and thoroughly engaging, there’s not one thing that I would change. It’s one of those rare perfect films. Phil Alden Robinson did a phenomenal job directing this movie and directed a script that could easily have gone wrong. But the way the film approaches it’s subject and the actors are taking this material so seriously that everything works in spades.

Kevin Costner plays the best role in his entire career in this film as Ray Kinsella and his character is fully developed and one hundred percent relatable. He’s sympathetic, charming and he’s ultimately someone we can root for. His wife played by Amy Madigan is also great and it’s nice to see that she actually supports him and believes in him from the start. Their relationship is grounded and it depicts really well how a couple would act in this situation.

James Earl Jones is absolutely fantastic in his film. He’s funny, real and his chemistry with Kevin Costner is absolutely terrific. This is probably his best work and he is absolutely wonderful.

Ray Liotta is incredible as Shoeless Joe Jackson and his performance is so real and subdued and he’s perfect in the role. This film could be a biopic about his life and he’d be the perfect guy to play the part. He’s that good.

And then there’s the score. The score by James Horner is absolutely magnificent and it takes you to a whole new other place. I listen to it constantly and it’s terrific. It’s incredibly uplifting and inspirational.

If you have not seen Field of Dreams yet, I implore to do so. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like Baseball. It’s a wonderful film that everyone should see if you’re a fan of good storytelling. This is filmmaking at it’s finest and Field of Dreams is a film that should be witnessed and the end will without a doubt make you cry. It’s what going to the movies is all about it makes you believe that anything is impossible.

Rating: A+



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