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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2015

Every top 10 list needs a top 10 worst list. Here are my top 10 worst movies of 2015. All right.  Here we go.

10. Lost River

Lost River - UK (25 Feb 2015)

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut is incredibly pretentious and downright terrible. There is no story, everything is just thrown in there and it’s as if Gosling was trying too much too imitate Nicholas Winding Refn. The characters are unlikeable, the story extremely thin and pointless and it’s just a poorly directed film all across the board. Ryan Gosling’s future in acting is bright, but his future in directing is bleak because of this piece of trash.

9. Air


Not a lot of people saw this movie, and for good reason. Norman Reedus stars in it from The Walking Dead fame, and he’s all right here, he plays the same character from the show yeah, but it works in the film. But the plot is just so boring and nothing really happens in the entirety of the movie’s runtime. Djimon Hounsou was also fine, but they had no chemistry and the ending of this movie, my god. Time waster.

8. Taken 3


This is a trilogy that should not have happened. The Taken franchise has overstated it’s welcome after the first installment. The action is awfully shot and you can’t tell what’s going on. Liam Neeson is effortlessly watchable, but even him cannot save this Fugitive rip-off. This better be the last one of the series.

7. Jupiter Ascending


The Wachowski’s have done great films in the past, like The Matrix and Cloud Atlas, and some bad movies like The Matrix sequels. Jupiter Ascending is more in the Matrix sequels category. The special effects are fine, but the story is awful and the characters are extremely unlikeable. You don’t care about Jupiter Jones. She can’t even take care of herself. She always gets rescued by Channing Tatum (who is probably the best thing in this film). The villain portrayed by Eddie Redmayne is truly awful and always overacts. This film is exactly like Phantom Menace, which was also a science-fiction film with a plot that was extremely boring and had a ton of exposition and no real sort of conflict happening. Jupiter Ascending is just as bad and doesn’t make sense at all.

6. Terminator Genesys


Ughh. Such a disappointing film. This movie could have been good. But instead it was one of the most generic action films of the year. Arnold is the best thing about this film hands down, and Emilia Clarke tries her best as Sarah Connor but she often times came across as a bad Linda Hamilton impression instead of becoming her own character. John Connor being a Terminator was such a letdown (it spoiled in the marketing of the film and it was a big plot twist in the movie, which makes us, the audience, look like a bunch of idiots). Jay Courtney is probably the worst part of this film, and I don’t care what people say, that man should not be an actor. The plot is so bloated and the action is not even memorable. T2 Judgment Day had better action than this movie and it was a film that came out in the 90’s. That’s sad.

5. Vacation


This movie is a so unfunny and made me cringe throughout the entire runtime. Ed Helms tries way too hard and the humor is just garbage. There’s this recurring joke of the little brother intimidating his older brother just to be mean and it’s juvenile and they just keep going back to it for no reason. There are only two redeeming qualities of this film: Charlie Day and Chevy Chase. That’s it. This film is horribly written, lame and a poor excuse for a sequel/reboot to exist.

4. Seventh Son


Jeff Bridges is awesome, we all know that, but this movie is not. It’s also got Julianne Moore, who is also a terrific actress but no one is good in this film. It’s so bad and the CGI is so noticeable too. The writing is atrocious, the acting even worse than that and the picture is overall extremely forgettable.

3. Chappie


District 9 is one of the best action films ever. And then we got Elysium, which was a disappointment, but not awful. Chappie is just a big giant turd that won’t go away! The acting is awful, the script is ludicrous, and the execution is all over the place. There are two singers in this movie who are terrible actors and there characters are the most unlikeable characters of the year. This movie makes me have no hope for Neil Blomkamp anymore and I’m glad that he isn’t directing Alien 5 anymore.

2. Fantastic Four


Fant4stic. Awww. This movie is so sad. This film is soooo god-awful. The first half is a mess, none of the characters are likeable and the actors feel like they have no desire to be there. The last act is one of the worst endings that these eyes have ever witnessed. It looks so fake and poorly done. Even the special effects are terrible; they’re atrocious looking. Doctor Doom is a comedy. He has no motivation whatsoever and just wants to destroy everything for no reason. All of these actors have done good things in the past, but this movie is not good at all. Fan4stic is so terrible that hard to watch. Unlike Batman and Robin, which is a terrible movie but is fun to watch, this is just torture.

1.Fifty Shades of Grey

Worst Movies of 2015

Here we go. This crapfest should never have been made. The script is so atrocious and awful that it’s really hard to get through. The author wrote her novel as Twilight fanfiction and it shows. She wrote the entire book on her Blackberry. I’m serious. The novel was filled with errors and it’s so poorly written too. The movie looks nice, which is probably the biggest compliment I can give it. The sex scenes, which is the biggest gimmick of this movie, are all awkward and aren’t sexy at all. The male actor wouldn’t even do full on nudity, which is so sexist for women. And we’re getting two more of these. Thanks. This is by far the worst movie of 2015 and it makes Twilight look like The Godfather. Let that sink in. This movie is garbage and I’m so glad I don’t have to talk about it anymore.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 worst peices of shit of the year. What we’re your worst movies of 2015?


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