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Spotlight Review

Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffolo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci and Leiv Schreiber all star in this fantastic film that tells the true story of journalists from The Boston Globe that investigate the true sexual allegations that we’re made against Roman Catholic priests who molested young boys and that was hidden by the Vatican, leading to one of the biggest cover-ups of our modern time.

This is a small film, about a big and icky subject that was handled with care and ease. The subject matter is not an easy one too tackle; but director Tom McCarthy does a magnificent job of showing us the horrors of what these acts can do to a human being.

Mark Ruffolo is the standout in this all-star cast, and has a few moments that are heartbreaking and completely steals the show. He probably gives the best performance of his career and it completely felt as if he was a real character. I no longer saw Mark Ruffolo; he completely disappeared in the role.

Michael Keaton is once again fantastic in this film as the director of the team. He absolutely deserves an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor for his portrayal of the character. It’s also great too see The Hulk and Batman in the same scene together. (Marvel and DC Crossover. That is just how my mind works).

Rachel McAdams has always been one of my favorite actresses in the business today and she deserves an Oscar nomination for best actress one hundred percent. She is fantastic in this movie and gives a truly incredible performance.

Liev Shrieber is also amazing as this newly member of The Boston Globe, who appoints this case to the group. All the actors in this film are doing there A-game in this film and they’re all fantastic. Stanley Tucci is also very good.

The script also doesn’t feel like its movie dialogue; it one hundred percent feels like real people having real conversations. It feels real, honest and not sugarcoated at all.

As for negatives, the biggest one that stands out is that the beginning is a bit long and it takes maybe twenty minutes for the story to pick up, but when it does, it’s completely engaging and riveting. I would have liked to also seen the aftermath of what happened, but the ending was great in it’s own right and truly horrifying when you realize how big this cover-up actually is and how many priests we’re involved.

Overall, Spotlight is a magnificently well-directed film that engages as well as informs and displays a fantastic cast of talented performers in the process.

Rating: A-



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