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Steve Jobs Review

Michael Fassbender stars as Steve Jobs, the genius behind Apple as the film circles around three important product launches throughout the man’s successful career.

Michael Fassbender is amazing as Steve Jobs even though he doesn’t look like him. He inhabits the character’s mannerisms perfectly and gives one of the best performances of the year. He is the best part of this movie by far and his performance is excellent.

The whole cast across the board is fantastic. Seth Rogen gives one of the best performance of his entire career as Steven Wozniak, the man who helped found the company with Steve Jobs in his garage.

Kate Winslet is fantastic as Joanna Hoffman, Steve Jobs associate and friend. She unrecognizable in her makeup and she terrific and will absolutely be nominated for best actress.

Jeff Daniels is also tremendous in this film as well and I honestly don’t know which one should get a nomination between him and Seth Rogen. They’re both fantastic in this film.

The story however didn’t hook me as much as I wanted too, and I think it’s because I learned nothing new about Steve Jobs. The relationship between Jobs and his daughter was touching and well developed, but it sort of got glossed over near the end without any real payoff. The 3 launches are interesting but somewhat gets repetitive after a while since the story is self contained and the dialogue sometimes overtook the more emotional scenes by beating you over the head with the story’s central message. It really bugged that we never got to see his speeches as well, which was a bit disappointing.

The movie shows how difficult Steve Jobs was too work with and how he was indifferent if the people who worked with him hated him. The film doesn’t sugarcoat what he was really like and I appreciated that, even if it somewhat makes the main character of the movie a bit unlikeable and hard to get attached too, which is a bummer, since I wanted to love this movie. But the reality is, when I walked out, I didn’t feel the need to watch it ever again.

Danny Boyle does a fine job directing the picture, but it’s far from being his best and most fast paced film. The script by Aaron Sorkin is a bit too wordy at times and the dialogue gets in the way of the story and I felt Sorkin’s presence more than the director, which is not good.

The movie doesn’t cover Steve Jobs death or anything after the year 2000, and I would have loved to see that and it felt like it was a wasted opportunity.

Overall, Steve Jobs is a well acted, finely directed drama, and has a well written script, but doesn’t captivate or entertain as much as one would hope.


Rating: B-


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