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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 3 Breakdown


We start of with Daisey Ridley, who is on Jakku with BB-8 and she’s scavenging on Jakku, in what seems to be the remenants of the Star Destroyer, trying to find some relics from the past.


We also get a shot of Flynn, who seems to be done with the Empire and escapes on Jakku where the two meet for the first time.


We also get to hear Kylo Ren speak, who has a very menacing voice under his mask that declares while looking at the melted Vader helmet “I’ll finish what you started.”


And I find it funny that unlike Vader he wears the mask for style and not because he needs it to breathe (at least it looks like it). It also makes sense that not a lot of people would know that Vader turned out to be good in the end. The only person who witnessed him killing the Emperor was Luke and the Death Star blew up moments later.

It’s also clear that Finn is the one who rescues Poe Dameron from the Star Destroyer that we saw in the Comiccon footage. The two seem like they’re going to become good friends.



It’s great to see Han telling Rey and Finn that everything that happened was real. “It’s true. All of it. The dark side… the Jedi… they’re real.” You’d think that the entire galaxy would know about the battle of Endor but truth is it’s probably become a myth 30 years later so it makes sense.



The money shot of the trailer is seeing the Falcon being pursued by the Tie Fighters, and that old classic Star Wars theme from The Empire Strikes back is in the background.


And that scene where Han and Chewie seem surrounded by Stormtroopers is simply badass. You just know that they have a way out of that situation because their Han Solo and Chewbacca.


We also see  Rey, Finn and Han Solo about to enter some kind of Temple, clearly looking for Luke. Maybe it’s where Luke actually resides. Who knows. We also get a weird looking robot we’ve never seen in the universe before.


We also get more shots of Daisey Ridley about to shoot something in the woods and she looks like she’s terrified and about to get her ass kicked.


It’s great to see Leia and Han together again. She seems like she is the leader of the New Republic and important to the overall plot.


And the end duel between Kylo Ren and Finn looks like it’s going to be business. It’s bound to be a one sided fight with Kylo Ren having the upper hand, but damn that fight looks like it’s going to be badass.



What I love about this trailer is that it doesn’t give anything away. We know nothing about the plot other than what we already knew. J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job with the marketing by not revealing too much, even if we didn’t get to see Luke which is my biggest negative of this trailer, but I get why we they didn’t show us Luke and I didn’t really expect to see him, but part of me wanted too. It’s still an incredible trailer that pumps you up for Star Wars again. It’s back!

The force is calling to you…. Just let it in.




Trailer Rating: A+

Star Wars The Force Awakens opens on December !8.

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