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The Martian Review

Ridley Scott is one of the best director’s of his generation, and while some people didn’t like his previous works, I adored Prometheus and really enjoyed Exodus: God and Kings. The Martian is not only one of Ridley Scott best films in years, it’s the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Period.

Matt Damon plays astronaut Mark Whitney, whom during their mission on Mars, is presumed dead when a sudden storm hits and the crew leaves him stranded. Now alone on Mars, Whitney must wait four years for NASA to rescue him and bring him home, and must figure out ways to survive on a planet where nothing grows…

Matt Damon is really fantastic in this movie and he is truly Oscar Worthy. His character is hilarious, and incredibly optimistic and at first he’s struck and beaten by the situation but he soon decides not to die on Mars and fight to survive.

The entire cast is incredible and huge and consists of a large body of talented performers, which include Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel EJiofor Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Sean Bean, Donald Glover, and Kristin Wiig…. There are a lot of people in this movie and everyone does a fantastic job. There is not one weak link in this cast. What I love about this cast is it’s diversity, and how China actually helped America.

However, Ridley Scott is main star of this movie and credit must go where credit is due. The direction is superb and the shots of Mars are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful (if you had told me that this movie was actually shot on Mars, I’d believe you one hundred percent). The cinematography was so just wonderful and so well done.

There is so much tension in this filmed and for the entire runtime I was riveted and constantly engaged. There’s a great message that the movie evokes which demonstrates that we as a human race can accomplish anything if we work together and get pass our differences. The film is about hope and the survival of the human spirit.

The script is so good and so funny and the humor isn’t out of place at all. It’s done right and it’s so smart. The film is funnier than most of the comedies that came out this year in the best possible way.

While the film could have been somber and grim, the writers found a way to keep the tone light but when it needed to be serious it was. The execution was perfect and everything came together perfectly.

The last twenty minutes are suspenseful and riveting, and the film’s finale is the best of the year. I was on the edge of my seat and wondering if this man was going to make it out alive.

Overall, The Martian is boosted by an Oscar Worthy performance from Matt Damon, a terrific cast, as well as incredible direction, a great script and a wonderful story that demonstrates the importance of sportsmanship and the power of the human spirit.


Rating: A


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