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Everest Review

Mountain Climbing is suicidal and seeing a movie about it can always be entertaining if done right. Fortunately, Everest is a suspenseful thrill ride. Starring a great cast that includes Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Jake Gylenhaal, John Hawkes, Kiera Knightley and Sam Worthington and tells the true story about the 1996 expedition that turned to disaster while climbing Mount Everest. Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) is the leader of the expedition and is the most experienced member of the crew and together they embark on a journey to the top of the mountain, before all hell breaks loose…

The cast is spectacular and it’s harder to predict which one the storm picks off since they are all pretty big names. Everyone does a great job in the movie. Jason Clarke is perhaps the character that we know the most about and the one we can latch on too. He’s the most capable mountain climber of the group as is Jake Gylenhaal, who is fantastic as this fearless climber who isn’t afraid of anything. Josh Brolin is also very good in the film as Beck Weathers and gives one of the best performances in years. Kiera Knightley is also great as Jason Clarke’s wife Jan Arnold.

The cinematography and the look of Everest are absolutely gorgeous. You feel like you are climbing the mountain and just holding out for dear life. Everest becomes a character in the film and manages to be a menacing antagonist for our heroes even though you can’t help but thinking that these people are idiots! They are morons if they want to risk their lives climbing the highest peak in the role without so much as a good reason for it (some of the people, when asked “why” never even responded) which baffles me!

As for flaws, sometimes the narrative is a bit jarring in a sense that sometimes days will go by in two minutes which doesn’t work with the dramatic tension at all and leaves the emotional scenes that are supposed to be powerful kind of flat and uninteresting. Also the dialogue isn’t all that interesting and it sometimes doesn’t really add much to the story overall.

Nevertheless, Everest is an entertaining experience and the amazing shots of the mountain are simply gorgeous. When shit hits the fan, things are as bad as they could possibly be and the movie does a great job at showing that.

Rating: B+


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