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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Review

Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt in the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise.

With the MIF now disbanded, Ethan Hunt must go on a lone mission in order to prove the existence of The Syndicate, which is a secret organization led by a highly skilled team of secret agents who are hell-bent on destroying the world by creating a string of terrorists attacks. Ethan must now gather his team and joins forces with beautiful and deadly agent Ilsa Faust (played by Rebecca Furguson) who may or not be part of this Rogue Nation.

Tom Cruise is great again as Ethan Hunt and at age 52 does things that no one at age 30 would ever do. That scene where he hangs from the plane in the trailer, which gives nothing away, was done eight times which is insane when you stop and think about it. The stunts are all incredible and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.

The direction by Christopher McQuarrie (who directed Jack Reacher, a great movie which is also set for a sequel) is fantastic and you can definitely tell his style throughout this film. What the Mission Impossible franchise is doing right is bringing a new director for each film which changes the style and every time. So far, Ghost Protocol was my favorite film of the series and it is still my favorite, but MI5 is almost as good. The fight scenes are extremely well choreographed and there’s so much excitement to be had at the same time.

There are some great action set pieces throughout this film and each one seems bigger than the last. There’s a great fight/shoot-out scene that happens at an Opera and there’s so much happening at once in that scene but McQuarrie manages to never loose focus on the heroes and you can always tell what is happening on-screen, which is what most action movies do badly nowadays. There’s also a fantastic sequence that takes place underwater, where Ethan Hunt must hold his breath for three minutes. The scene is so fantastic and tension filled that it’s just almost too much to take.

The motorcycle chase-sequence, which is probably one of the best chase scenes that I’ve ever seen in a movie. It was tense, incredibly well filmed and tension-filled be it a bit over the top, which brings me to MI5’s biggest flaw.

Sometimes you have to suspend disbelief like in most action movies but sometimes it does feel a bit cartoony at times. I can see someone not liking this film for this particular reason, but however if you embrace it than you can have a lot of fun.

There’s also a bit of pacing issues, the movie might be a tad bit too long. There are a bit of repetitive scenes with Rebecca Ferguson’s character, which tries to keep us in the dark about her character and sometimes can get a bit frustrating at times.

Also the villain, who is a bit non-threatening and a bit weak. He is a bit uninteresting and never really has a lot to do. Still, the actor did what he could do to make things interesting and it works for this movie and you can actually feel like it’s imperative to catch this guy.

Rebecca Furguson is incredible and what is more surprising is that this is her first major starring role and she completely crushes it. She is fantastic and completely believable as an action star. She’s slick, badass and you actually believe that she could actually take down Tom Cruise. She’s probably the best action female hero of 2015 alongside Furiousa from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Simon Pegg is back as Benji and he is also very good in the film. He’s the comic relief but he also brings a lot of heart to his character and is ever so loyal to his friend Ethan.

Ving Rhams is also great once again as Luther Stickles who was one of my favorite characters in the series. He’s also very funny and is very valuable to the team.

Jeremy Renner doesn’t have a lot of screen time, but he is still very good and has a lot of great back and forth with Alec Baldwin, who wants the IMF shut down for all the trouble and incidents that they had caused in the past for stopping terrorists.

The action while it is over the top is extremely smart and is done in a clever and fun way. The story is great and the characters are all what makes MI5 an extremely fun time at the movies.

Overall, Tom Cruise still proves that he has got it as an action star, Rebecca Furguson is also fantastic as well as the entire team, and McQuarrie proves once again that he is incredibly skilled at directing action sequences which makes MI5 hands down the best fifth installment in a franchise ever.


Rating: A


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