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Ted 2 Review

Ted 2 is the sequel to the hit R-rated Seth McFarlane comedy featuring the foul mouth bear Ted and stars Mark Wahlberg,  Amanda Seyfried and Morgan Freeman.

Ted 2 picks up a year later after the first installment. Ted is married with his girlfriend Tami, while Johnny is now divorced and lives the single life. Ted and Tami are having relationship issues, and their marriage isn’t working like it used to be, so they decide to have a baby in order to redinkle their love. Ted must find a donor, but receives a letter from the state telling that he must first prove in court that he is a real human and not state property . . .

I loved the first Ted. I didn’t expect anything going in and I was pleasantly surprised. It reminded me of the old Family Guy days, back when the sitcom was still funny. It felt like a live action movie of the cartoon that had the same juvenile humor that Seth McFarlane has been known for. Right of the bat, Ted 2 is not better than the original, but it is still a fun time to be had if you liked the first one.

Let’s start off with the pros: The chemistry between Johnny and Ted is still spot on. The two have great charisma with one another and their back and forth is flat out loud hilarious. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments and you can’t say that about lot of comedy sequels. And there’s one truly hilarious cameo that happens in the grocery store where Ted works and it had me gut busting laughing. That was a sweet cameo.

Ted 2 is nowhere near a perfect movie. The plot goes all over the place, and it gets way to dramatic at times for it’s own good. It’s also a lot more mean spirited than the first Ted, which takes out the fun and charm from the first film. That’s due to the lack of Mila Kunis, who married Johnny at the end of the first Ted but is nowhere to be found here, which makes the ending of the first movie irrelevant, which is unfortunate. Ted’s wife, is not a good actress and she is in this movie where more than she should have been, which is a bummer. The jokes aren’t as good and as clever as the original and the final act is a rehash of the first movie, since a character is brought back and is completely unnecessary.  So points off for originality.

The courtroom aspect also felt off and dragged the movie down a bit to a halt. There we’re times that there weren’t any jokes and that really killed it. I understood what Seth Mcfarlane was going for, but it simply wasn’t as funny as it should have been.

In the end, Ted 2 is much better than a lot of comedy sequels out there, and the chemistry between Ted and Johnny is perfect although the last act is simply a rehash from the first film and it’s a bit too somber and drawn out than it should have been. If you’re a fan of the first movie, than you’ll probably like this one. If you weren’t, then don’t even bother.


Rating: B


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