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6 Spiderman Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

The Amazing SpiderMan 2


Although the actors we’re all fantastic (for the most part, minus Paul Giamatti as the Rhino, which was just horrible) and the special effects we’re great (Electro looked amazing) the Amazing Spiderman 2 was unfortunately too condensed and had too many unresolved plot points that was supposed to be a giant set up for the third installment and the sinister six. It was filled with too many character arcs that in the end became too much of a mess and lacked focus of a central plot. It felt like the film was supposed to be four hours long, but Sony trimmed it and edited down to two hours and what we got was a product that resembled Spiderman 3 and repeated the same mistakes which was probably the biggest crime that this film committed. The tone was all over the place and The Green Goblin was completely wasted and was there just to do this one thing at the end (which was well done, but didn’t flow with the storytelling and didn’t belong in this movie). None of these villains we’re interesting or menacing enough to even want a Sinister Six movie. I would actually want to watch Spiderman 3 before re-watching this movie again. C-

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The Amazing Spider-Man


It wasn’t as good as the first Spider man and there was nothing new or original to warrant a reboot. The cast was talented enough and Andrew Garfield was the right person to step into Tobey Maguire’s shoes, but overall it was a disappointing, overwhelming and predictable superhero movie that didn’t offer anything new to the Spiderman mythology. The chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was probably best thing about this film that was done better than the Sam Raimi version. The villain’s motivation was horrible and didn’t make any sense and there was no time given to that character. C


Spider-Man 3


This one introduced too many villains and less time for character development (we only see Venom for about twenty minutes in the last act of the movie). Spiderman 3 isn’t a horrible movie, but it isn’t what it should have been, what it could have been, and it instantly failed to be a satisfying final chapter to the blockbuster trilogy, but it’s at the very least entertaining. The execution, however, was awful. James Franco’s (who has now become the Hob Goblin) memory loss was a horrible idea. Venom and Carnage should have been the only villains and Sandman should not have been in the film. His storyline was forced, and way too sentimental. I loved how Black Spidey looked and the costume design was badass, but they made him a complete wimp. He should have been burning cities, killing people (a bit too dramatic I know, but admit it, it would have been awesome) and instead what we got was Emo Peter Parker dancing in a nightclub where Mary Jane works. Ugh. Still, it had some neat action sequences and some decent ideas and the special effects we’re incredible. Topher Grace (who I really like) was just miscast, as Venom and they should have picked Viggo Mortenson or someone else entirely to do the role. Spiderman 3 was a failure, but it wasn’t a complete disaster. C+


Spider-Man 2


The sequel, which came out in 2004, is a great second installment that manages to be as good as the original. Alfred Molina was great as Doctor Octopus, which is an even better villain than The Green Goblin. Tobey Maguire just owned the role of Peter Parker and the chemistry between him and Kristen Dunst was somewhat bearable. James Franco was even better as his desire to kill Spiderman for avenging his father became ever more apparent. The action and story was better and there was a scene that I was not expecting and totally got me off guard where someone discovers the real identity of Spiderman. The train scene is fantastic and the end fight is amazing. Spiderman to this day is one of the best sequels out there and is without a doubt much, much better than that other one that happened in 2014. A-




The First Spiderman that came out in 2001 was is the very definition of a blockbuster movie that was entertaining and action packed. William Dafoe was fantastic as The Green Goblin and Tobey Maguire was the perfect choice for Peter Parker (and still is). His chemistry with James Franco was fantastic and while the interaction between him and Kristen Dunst was horrible and almost none-existent it wasn’t however as cringe-worthy as Anakin and Padmé. Kristen Dunst is a weak female character in the film and screams so loudly for so long (every movie has a scene where Mary Jane is in danger and Spiderman needs to save her) which is the film’s major weakness. J.K. Simmons was perfectly cast as Jonah Jameson and was fantastic in the role. The action was amazing and the downfall of Norman Osborn was extremely well handled. It also has one of my favorite scenes in a comic book movie, which involves The Green Goblin bringing Spiderman to a rooftop and giving him the ultimatum to join him in order to convert Spiderman to the dark side. (“In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually, they will hate you”). Spiderman 1 will forever hold a place in my heart and is infinitely better than The Amazing Spiderman. A-

Well, there you have it. Let me know what your favorite and least favorite Spiderman movie is in the comments below. With great power, comes great responsibility or something like that.


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