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Fifty Shades Of Grey Review

Fifty shades of Grey is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s an abomination to cinema and a complete joke to anyone that wants to be a filmmaker. There’s no story. The acting is horrendous. The dialogue is laughable. The sex scenes are not even sexy. They’re just awful.

The author E.L. James adapted her novel from her Twilight Fan Fiction. She changed the names of Bella and Edward and took out the supernatural elements, but the core of Twilight is still there. True fact: she actually wrote the entire novel on her Blackberry. How sad.

Fifty Shades of Grey tells the story of Anastia Steele, who interviews billionaire Christian Grey, a very creepy dude who is obsessed with BDSM. There’s also a love triangle, just like in Twilight and it’s so useless. It’s simply there to draw the runtime of this movie.

What follows is a two-hour bore-fest of endless sex scenes, pointless dialogue and just an empty void of nothingness. The dialogue is so corny and cheesy and so unrealistic. It’s awful. Just awful. The chemistry of the two actors is so awful and probably one of the worst sexual attractions I’ve ever seen on screen. It’s worst than Anakin and Padmé in the prequels. It’s worst than Bella and Edward in Twilight. They have no chemistry whatsoever and it’s so hard to watch.

Let’s start with the positives. Dakota Johnson gives it her all as Anastasia Steele and does the best she can with what she’s given, but the script just won’t let her shine as an actress. She’s capable, and puts herself out there in the sex scenes (we see her completely naked and never once do we see Jamie Dornan fully naked, which is so sexist and disrespectful to women). The movie also looks nice, the cinematography is decent and is probably the most redeemable aspect of this movie after Dakota’s Johnson’s performance.

And the blame mostly goes to Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey one hundred percent. He is incredibly wooden and he has no personality. In fact, he’s a total creep. There is no reason why any woman would want to date this dude except that he’s a billionaire, which makes me believe that Anastasia Steele is a gold-digging whore. He buys her a car after they’ve been dating for like two weeks and she accepts it without almost a hesitation.

Overall, Fifty Shades of Grey is a dull, uninteresting, poorly acted film and has an awful script, terrible character relationships, which makes it one of the worst movie-going experiences in recent memory.

Rating: F


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