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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

10. NOAH


This film has no idea what it wants to be. Is it Lord of the Rings or a biblical epic? The first half is so off and so badly paced that you wonder where the story is going. The chemistry between the characters is bad and the second half is better than the first, but overall it’s pointless. Russell Crowe and Emma Watson both gave fine performances, but the movie surrounding them was just bad and boring.



This is probably the most controversial movie on this list. Some people really love this film. I did not and was really pissed of that Bradley Cooper got nominated instead of Jake Gylenhaal in NightCrawler. He’s fine in the role, but Clint Eastwood’s direction is awful. The movie doesn’t flow well, the true story is simplistic and there’s no gravitas to it. It sucks.



This movie has an intriguing concept but the execution is just awful. It’s boring as shit, Johnny Depp plays another cartoon version of himself and the plot just meanders at a terrible pace. There’s like one action sequence in this entire film and it’s just a complete bore.



This movie is a huge mess from the moment it starts. The tone is all over the place, the villains are lame and cartoony and the film is way overcrowded with subplots that don’t matter. The turning of Harry into the Hob Goblin was so rush and so poorly handled that the entire film crumbled on itself. The ending was okay, but the final shot completely ruins the entire thing. Just a bloated CGI mess that feels like it should have been four hours but it was cut down to two in the editing room. This movie is an embarrassment.


mr turner

This is a movie that couldn’t finish. It was dull, boring, and just uninteresting. The acting was fine, but the story was nonexistent and the movie just drags on. I might be on the minority on this, but I did not like this film at all.



The creepy doll from The Conjuring got her own movie. Yeah! No. Not really, because it’s filmed by a directed who has no idea how to create genuine scares or have any sort of likeable characters. The actors we’re terrible, the script was even worse and this movie is pointless! I’m serious there is no reason for this to be connected to The Conjuring. There was no point in doing a prequel because it explains virtually nothing about Annabelle. Such a horrible movie!



This movie was horrible. Absolute garbage. Aaron Paul was fine but it felt as he sleepwalked throughout the entire thing. The tone was all over the place, there’s a weird scene where a guy quits his job and gets naked in front of everybody which is so out of nowhere and so out of place that it feels forced. I have no idea why Aaron Paul agreed to do this script because it was just painfully bad. And the movie is like two hours long! It just goes on and on and you just like dude, end already! This is just proof that video game movies are all terrible!


TUSK - 2014 FILM STILL - Justin Long and Michael Parks - Photo Credit: Mark Fellman/A24 Films

I’ve never been a big fan of Kevin Smith. His movies never really draw me in but I decided to give Tusk a try. Justin Long is a good actor and he and Tusk was pretty decent for the first 40 minutes, but after that one-hour mark, boy was it terrible. It just went the extra mile and become almost unwatchable. Kevin Smith tried to be disturbing, and in a sense he succeeded, but that doesn’t mean that the movie is good. At all.



VHS 1&2 we’re great and disturbing horror films that propelled the dying found footage genre to another level. And now we have one of the worst third installments that these eyes have ever laid on. Where did the scares and ingenuity from the previous films go??? The shorts weren’t even scary! That was the most shocking thing to me. And there were only 3 of them, and all of them get worse and worse as the film goes on. Stop ruining franchises like this Hollywood! It pisses me off!



What a fart box! This movie was horrible! There was two of these the same year. Why?? Two Hercules movies in the same year??? How pointless is that! Terrible movie in every regards though. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Kellen Lutz was awful as Hercules. The sets we’re terrible, the action was boring, the actors we’re awful, the script was laughable and the villain was horrible! Complete horseshit!


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